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    Ever since the patch, it seems like you can't lead expeditions after one run. You have to re-make it after one run if you want to fight Zakum twice for example.

    Before, you could change channels and lead an expedition yourself OR pass captain to someone else in the expedition and they could lead on the same channel that you did the previous run on.

    Was this a new feature added? It's a pain in the ass to say the least. I've yet to check this problem with other boss expeds, but it's annoying at Zak.

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    iirc, if your expedition is a day old, it doesn't affect you (so said someone in BL, would be nice if it's true)

    anyone else tried this?

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    I haven't been to zak since the patch but it's the same with HT expedition. If you kill HT once, come out, then try to go in again you get put in your old empty instance. If you wait for the timer of the old instance to be over then you can go in again with the same expedition.

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    Also try relogging, you can do it safely at zak by going into stage 1 zpq



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