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  1. Default The Somewhat Official iSketch Thread

    It's mandatory that I be the one to make this thread.

    Feel like playing iSketch? That's great, just post here. For the sake of convenience and to appeal to people who want to play but don't vulture over the forums 24/7, I ask that you adhere to the following:

    - Post an adequate amount of time in advance (15, 20, 30 minutes) so that people have fair notice.
    - Try to get other people to join you right away if you can contact them immediately (iSketch, Skype, any IM) so that the game doesn't end up with three people.
    - Make the room details and rules as they've been for a while on SP:
    - Room title: "Southperry"
    - 25 rounds
    - No writing out the word nor writing out anything that would otherwise give away the word. Onomatopoeias are fine.
    - Skip people if they break rules.
    - Kick people if they're being offensive or break rules repeatedly.
    Here is a list of admin commands if you are the room host.

    Now we won't have to revive that thread in Shenanigans every 4 months.

  2. Default Re: The Somewhat Official iSketch Thread



    A game is starting 30 minutes from now.

    EDIT: The room is up!



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