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  1. Default Personal Mount Lag?

    I feel I'm the only one who gets this lag.

    If I'm riding my Draco up a ladder, I lag like crazy. If I jump, I lag like crazy. If I enter a portal, I lag like crazy. But normally riding from left or right is not bad at all.

    Why does this happen to me ;_;

  2. Default Re: Personal Mount Lag?

    Welcome to the magnificent world of the mount lag :D A glitch that first appeared on the Ascension Patch and it hasn't been fix since then!
    The lag happens at random and it only happens whenever you jump, jump to another platform, when you go through portals, (this is because you don't appear right on the ground, you levitate and then land which it is considered as a "jump") etc.

    It's very annoying but a simple re-log should fix it.... temporary.

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    Default Re: Personal Mount Lag?

    Have you only now been getting this?

    That issue's been around for months, sad to say. It's not just from you either, other people cause it as well. It happens on and off; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. As was said before, a relog usually fixes it, but it's not a permanent fix.

    Nexon's finally acknowledged it, after so long. Let's hope it gets fixed anytime soon.

  4. Default Re: Personal Mount Lag?

    It happens whenever you land from a jump/falling off somewhere.

    The surface you land on has to be different from the one you jumped from.

    Once you do that... it's 15 seconds of .................................................. ......................................

    And yes, technically when you enter a portal, you're in midair and land on the door, so you'll experience lag from portals (and CCing too).

    This is the story of my Mechanic and my Corsair. No love for pirates (again).

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    Default Re: Personal Mount Lag?

    I wonder what's causing the lag, *ahem* GMS exclusive content, for real.



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