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    Default Spray-on Battery


    This is such a cool concept that would have so many practical uses.

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    Interesting. Would be useful for Solar Cells like they said, and possibly for Cell-phones so less space is taken up by the battery, possibly more processing room.

    Now tell me when they invent solar-panel paint so i can make my house one giant battery.

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    They've had solar paint

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    Default Re: Spray-on Battery

    But is it very affordable and worth paying?

  5. Default Re: Spray-on Battery

    Very affordable, but it's not very effective

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    seems easy to do in concept. It would just be a really really thin/long capacitor. I'm guessing the 5 layers would be go like

    primer layer
    capacitor plate paint
    insulator paint
    capacitor plate paint
    cover paint

    The problem would be if the paints weren't the same thickness across the whole way and some sections of it started looking like uneven plates of the earth's crust. You also run into the problem of the insulator being so thin that the amount of charge being stored would be really small, but I guess if you're painting an entire room, then the huge area could make up for it.

    Edit - read a little deeper, the primer and cover paint aren't there in what they're saying and it's the "positive and negative current collector".
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