I'm a bowmaster. Ignoring potentials..

I'm going for a full empress set. What should the attack on each piece be? I have currently a 15atk suit, 7atk hat, 7atk shoes, 32atk gloves, and no cape yet. I want to have at least 15 on each of my equips but I've already burned billions of mesos on failed equips/clean slate scroll/ws. I also don't want to start cubing until I'm SURE that these are the equips I'm going to be keeping.

I'm thinking of using the Von Leon belt. HTP + MoN (second permanent pendant slot) + DEX pauldron, gallant battle manual in pocket slot, evolving ring III, evolving ring II, explorer's crit wing, and dark angelic blessing.

For potentials, I will be cubing for %DEX, Crit chance, %ATT/+ATT, and/or %Damage to Bosses. Which order should I prefer these in?

Thanks for any responses.