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  1. Default Zakum/HT time limits for drops

    Since these two are now instanced, I might actually try going to them. I know Horntail at least had a minimum time limit for killing, else he wouldn't drop items. Not sure about Zakum.

    What are the time limits (if any) for the two to drop items upon death?

  2. Default Re: Zakum/HT time limits for drops

    I believe HT was to let the timer go below 1 hour? EIther that or have 1/2 an hour elapse, Same thing I think.

    Zakum never had a time limit for drops, Kill as fast as possible.

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    Default Re: Zakum/HT time limits for drops

    HT was 30 minutes after entering the main cave.
    Zak had no time limit.



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