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  1. Exclamation A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    This is the rule people;

    It's been unchanged for a very long time.

    We all know hacking exists, it happens, and most of us don't like it. Or don't want to be perceived as supporting it. The administration of Southperry does not condone it, support it or encourage it.

    We also have zero power to stop it. Banning everyone we think might be a hacker, might have hacked, might be considering hacking, accomplishes nothing. They're still going to do whatever they're going to do and we're all still just as powerless to stop it. That's entirely in the hands of Nexon and other game companies.

    Alienating them doesn't teach them that hacking is bad. If it were that easy community peer pressure would've stopped the hacking long before it got to this level. Going on witch hunts does nothing to improve the experience here on the forum, it just divides everyone and makes the atmosphere miserable.

    The sad fact of the matter is that, as the rules say, hackers are generally welcome here as long as they can metaphorically keep it in their pants. Instead we seem to get ones who can't help but flaunt how godly they are and how superior they are to every one else time and time again, which only serves to further piss off the rest of the population against them and increases the witch hunt.

    People like this hack because they want attention, they want to be best, they want to be better than everyone else, they want to be recognized and your anger and hatred only feed them because to them that's jealousy and proof that they're getting what they want.

    So let's recap the rules. It is illegal to -

    • Admit, Brag or Confess to having hacked, being a hacker, using hacks.
    • Providing links to hacking sites, hacking how tos, websites dedicated to hacking.
    • Provide an explanation or tools that would enable someone to hack. This also includes any "glitches" that require extra help to exploit.

    For the purpose of this elaboration all of the above definitions of "hack" also include botting.

    Bottom line here - If they're not bragging or enabling, we don't care.

    You don't have to like them, you don't have to talk to them, in fact we'd all be better off if you just ignore or black list anyone you suspect is a hacker and are bothered by. Unless they're breaking an actual rule don't break rules yourself by antagonizing, flaming or baiting them. Don't spam the mods with endless reports about how you're certain so-and-so is a hacker. Don't spam the mods with accusations so-and-so really being so-and-so and that "everyone knows" they're a hacker.

    Regardless of how much time and effort we expend, they're going to be here in some form or other. We remove the particularly obnoxious and stupid ones based on the rules we've established. Others are doubtlessly still among us and behaving well, so going unnoticed. If more of the former acted like more of the latter we wouldn't have half the issues with them overall.

    If you're going to participate in exploitations or cheating, we can't stop you, but we can at least require you to respect the rules of our site and leave that sort of thing at the door when you come visit us. It's a very small thing to ask, but just like porn, shock images and violent content it has no place here. There are numerous other sites you can go show everyone how super cool and clever you are compared to us poor stupid players who do things the hard way, so go use them for that.

  2. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    I never imagined it be bad enough to warrant a thread, I'm curious of who really spams reports like that LOL

  3. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Some people feel very strongly about the subject and lash out any way they can.

  4. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    I thought all of this was made clear the last time the rules and regulations were changed. That was what, two years ago?

    One would think people would understand that by now.

  5. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Is that why that @Faders; is no longer here and started this whole thread debacle in the first place

  6. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Not everyone has been here as long as some of us.

    Our population has grown and changed in the past two years, so this is news to some people, and with the current state of the game and tempers being what they are it's easy to forget for those who did know but currently feel wronged.

    He was removed for ban evasion. This thread was meant to go up last night but we were too busy playing whack a mole and trying to get things set up for the other changes and wanted to have this more serious note after the happy news and light hearted greetings, rather than bring down the celebration.

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    Well, fortunately Eos, I think that was the last problem child as for now anyway, you better give the moderators activity books

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    Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    So is it ok to report someone for being (suspected of being) a perma-banned SP user?
    e.g., report Faders not for being "the famous hacker X" but for being "the perma-banned SPer Y"?

  9. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Yeah, I've reported them as "mult's", out of 3 tries I think I was right once lol

  10. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Really, no.
    Unless you're reporting a post, blog, or VM here on this forum specifically where they openly confess to it, it's not actionable.

    If we have the evidence necessary to remove someone, we remove them. If we don't, reports of hunches are just spam.

    We either do not have what we require to remove them, or they're demonstrating behavior that we deem warrants a chance, and all trying to "out" them does is stir up drama and make a mess. Case in point;

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    Known hackers should not be able to strut around and annoy the crap out of the true gamers of this forum without being removed. Admitting to it our not, the shear attitude of the kid who got banned yesterday should warrant a removal. If you arrogantly brag about obviously illegitimate feats, that should get you infractions and ultimately a ban even if the posts miss the "I r hackz0r pr0" part. There are limits as to how high your range can go without illegitimate methods, regardless how much money you throw at cubes.

    I know the majority might not see it that way, but I do. If hackers would some how get accepted down the line, I would abandon SP in a heartbeat.

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    The problem is, There is not an absolute distinguished limit for that. We've seen people with absolutely insane ranges, heck, KMS people have done 999999~999999, and we dont ban them for that because we literally cannot prove it was hacked. There is no absolute limit to a person's range that defines that they are a hacker. Unless someone can prove this wrong, the mod team will have to play it by ear and wait for people to slip up ino order to take action.
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  13. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    The moderation staff here are not the arbiters of legitimacy in any game. What you consider improbable does not equate to being proof that something illegitimate is occurring.
    17 stars on equips, yes, that is pretty obviously wrong, but just owning them isn't proof of having created them. Just like owning absurd equipment isn't proof of having done anything to get it beyond paying a small fortune.

    You're entitled to dislike and distrust anyone you want, but you disliking or distrusting someone is not grounds for moderator intervention.

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    If you brag about it in the way of the idiot yesterday, it does not really matter. If he is a hacker (which he was), great! If not, we got rid of a bad element who did not a single thing for this forum other than to annoy people.

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    A forum that wants to survive does not have the luxury of banning everyone who annoys the administration. If we did a good 60% of the active posters here would've been long gone, well before Fiel ever sold the site to me.

    While I respect that you feel strongly about the issue, I do not feel you are remotely correct in this.

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    So what is it that you want to outlaw, CarrionCrow? People that brag about their damage are all over in Maplestory, and annoying people exist everywhere. Should they ban people simply for being annoying? Usually those kinds of people do enough stupid stuff to ban themselves.

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    What I would like is for this forum to be positive about the game it is made for, and to be negative about the ones that ruin it. I know this is a pipe dream since the team as a whole is not really here because they love the game.

    A ban might be too much considering the devil and his aunt profit from hacks one way or another these days, but a harder tone and some infractions for behaving like the guy from yesterday would be swell. Perhaps you issued many of those for him, and in that case he was just to stupid to get that his kind should crawl back down under the slippery rocks that spawned him, and then I appologize.

  18. Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Since I'm sure this thread is talking about me and is using me as an example, I might as well show the similarities of Eos' sentences to our discussion.

    And here
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    Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    I thought this thread was about opening a section to discuss about current hacks, how they're affecting the game and such. I was very confused.

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    Default Re: A frank and open dialogue about hacking

    Do people actually care this much about it?



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