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  1. Default KMST - Cherry Blossom Castle

    Couldn't find any tour videos of the theme dungeon so i decided to make one since i was bored.

  2. Default Re: KMST - Cherry Blossom Castle

    Our Samurai Knight just became... a normal mob? Sadded.


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    Default Re: KMST - Cherry Blossom Castle

    Thanks for the video.
    I wonder why they felt the need to change Zipangu and the Castle, instead of just copy-pasting the whole thing from JMS.
    But if it makes Tonosama accessible without the JQ, I want it in GMS!

  4. Default Re: KMST - Cherry Blossom Castle

    I really hope well never get this in GMS.
    I love the JQs the maze and the secret floors. And ofcourse the boss at Lv 180.
    This makes it look really boring if you ask me. And red samurai boss a normal mob?
    No thanks. I like how he is right now.



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