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  1. Default Catch that Teemo!

    This is a game slightly modified from a post on the LoL forums. I've modified it to make the original better. The rules here are not set in stone. Feel free to play with them.

    Victory Condition:
    Kill the enemy Teemo twice within 10 minutes.

    Map: Summoner's Rift
    Champions: No banned champions. Each team must have one Teemo.
    Recall: Allowed.
    Abilities: No banned abilities.
    Spells: Promote is banned. Clairvoyance may only be held by two summoners per team.
    Creeps: Only jungling allowed. You can kill baron/dragon. No touching creeps. You can tower leech.
    Movement: No movement restrictions.
    Buildings: The only buildings that may be destroyed are the four towers in mid.
    Items: No item restrictions. Wards are allowed.

    - Cannot use his passive.
    - Cannot recall
    - Cannot buy items unless he respawns from death or at the start of the game
    - Must be in jungle/mid to be considered in play. Teemo cannot walk into the river or venture into top/bot.
    - Can jungle.
    - Cannot kill creeps.
    - Cannot help with Baron/dragon.
    - Can use any spell subject to the above conditions
    - Can use QWER
    - Can participate in any fight

    Teemo Kill Condition:
    A Teemo is considered killed if all of the following conditions are true:
    - Your Teemo is currently dead or in jungle/mid.
    - The enemy Teemo is currently in jungle/mid.
    - The enemy Teemo dies for any reason.

  2. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    And the teemo hate turns into a fully fledged kill teemo game. Me gusta. Let's try this next weekend on the real LoL servers. Or sometime this week, idc when I'm off school.

  3. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    I think if both teams are playing, there should be no time limit and the first team to kill the others Teemo twice wins. 10 minutes is very limiting and if you're tied at 1/1 then it's a draw. Also, I think Teemo's should be able to walk into Rivers. Here's a map of what I think should be the playable area for every champion. Playable area is shaded with the lines.

  4. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    - Cannot walk back to fountain
    - Cannot camp fountain

    Also, fk whoever told paul PBE was a good idea. I personally think this game mode is a bad idea, so I'm sitting out.

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    Yeah I'm having a hard time following all of the rules, about half of them seem pointless.

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    Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    I'll hand you my scythe to kill Raul with.

  7. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    My friends and I do this on the Crystal Scar. SR felt way too big.

  8. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    Good idea actually. Don't have to worry about creeps or towers. I think CS is about the same size as SR, but the middle area inside the ring of vision is definitely smaller.

  9. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    It was because Fiel wanted to do something with Baron and Baron's been glitched with stupidly high attack speed in the live servers lately. It got fixed in the PBE last Saturday.

  10. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    You're going down anyways. Baron is no joke.

  11. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    Baron's not very hard as a team if you don't rush it and don't have your squishies die.

  12. Default Re: Catch that Teemo!

    You'd have to have a more specialized team to even attempt early Barons now.

    A single successful Baron attempt/kill can completely change the course of the game. If people are competent, they won't give you the chance. And when you see even the smallest of windows for a clean Baron kill, it's incredibly important that you can do it fast and on the fly instead of waiting for everyone to set up for it.



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