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  • They treat me great, doing great, and I'm happy they are so great

    4 3.45%
  • I'm satisfied with Nexon's current actions/management

    9 7.76%
  • Good start, not confident enough until I see more momentum

    69 59.48%
  • I'm not bother by whatever the company does, the games are enough for me(I dont care option)

    8 6.90%
  • Nexon has too much making up to do for me to even consider anything less but swindlers

    17 14.66%
  • NEVER.

    9 7.76%
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  1. Default When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    So nexon has been on an upswing the last, meh 3 months really, it could be shortlived, it could be a gradual increase to much needed change. Personally, they haven't done enough to regain my trust yet, and personally I don't think they ever will.

    But at what point do you think Nexon has satisified for the most part to the point where you can see them as dependable and wish for success? How extreme would your criteria be?

    Mine? YOU HAVE TO VOTE AND SEE. But you possibly don't care and just want to be heard, which I encourage.[HIDE-VOTE]
    • Any hacks involving disconnects/ability to determine my access to the game will have to be dealt with quickly, by quickly I'd even be gracious to say 3 days.
    • Miracle cubes to be completely revamped. The power they give is insane, and completely destroys any boss challenge to anyoen who pays. I wouldn't mind them being accessibly within the game such as drops, however, they allow nearly every skill in the game reach damage cap, which defeats the purpose of different classes, when it comes down to different speeds.
    • Event expire equips and character specific items need to be removed. No, NX option does not justify the existance.
    • Mount lag
    • More minigames like omok and match cards.
    • Game moderation within the game.

  2. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I hold Nexon like I hold game freak. I enjoy the products the way they come, even if I think it's in a horrid state. I enjoy the game without standards.

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    Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Eh, I haven't trusted Nexon to make any good changes for the past few years, but somewhere in those years I stopped caring and just figured I'd enjoy the games anyway. Upswing or otherwise, it's all the same now.

  4. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Nexon has too much making up to do towards me for me to even consider anything less than somewhere between NEVER and when Hell freezes over.

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    Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    One thing I'd like to see in gms is iTCG in game, as well as more in general improvements.

  6. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I guess that depends on which Nexon branch we're talking about.

    Nexon America : I don't really care. It's pretty disappointing to see them not doing anything about anything for a long while, but lately, they've impressed me (with the exception of Jett, but I guess Jett is a better Dragon Warrior).

    Nexon Korea : If they would stop with crap content and put out a new major town, we'd be good. I mean... when was the last time we got a major town? Edelstein? That was in 2010... Before that was what? Ariant? Which was in 2007 or 2008... That's a discouraging gap between them...

    Nexon Japan : They've really impressed me this year. Aside from the couple of updates that were nothing but Cash Shop items or events, they've had a near constant flow of major content into the game, with the very next content coming up being something else huge - most likely involving some good exclusive content. They always surprise me with their exclusive content, but their lack of ability to fix bugs, their streaks of hibernation (aside from this year) and their lack of in-game activity as well as a seemingly carelessness about their dying smaller servers (which is more than half of the servers), is rather disappointing. If they could fix those problems, I'm not sure how easily I could find anything to gripe about.

  7. Default

    They can't please everyone, so there's no way they're going to satisfy me on my own terms.

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    Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I chose the "good start" option only because I'd like to see what happens. There's so much more that needs to be done, it's just ridiculous. More things that need to be done to satisfy my standards:

    -actual GM patrol.
    -actually getting rid of hackers instead of twiddling thumbs and/or slaps on the wrist.
    -merge the remaining small servers.
    -free item locks.
    -make the game harder to hack and more secure by recoding it in Java.
    -cell phone account verification (optional).
    -fix your glitches in a timely manner (it's not that they can't fix the glitches, it's that they're not trying to or not focusing on it -lazyness).
    -stop with the lazyness/ineptness, it's obvious.

  9. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Sorry I thought I specified, this is specific to the NA branch.

    But this isn't about everyone, it's about you. THINK ABOUT YOURSELF, THE WORLD NOW REVOLVES AROUND YOU.

  10. Default

    Why though? Ignoring reality won't change the fact that they aren't going to step up and please me beyond what content is guaranteed through KMS.

  11. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I feel like they're getting better and as long as they keep moving in this direction then I'll be happy with them... in that regard.

    Bigger picture, the free-to-play system is so pineappleing broken and, I would say, unethical that they'll never have my support as long as they keep selling power and milking kids and weak-minded sheep for what little they have. This, however, is not limited to Nexon. It's a growing trend that is ruining gaming as a whole.

    Also, your "I don't care" option is ridiculously biased and while that's how I want to vote, I don't want to click THAT because THAT is not how I feel. You should change it to "apathetic." I do care what the company does, I just don't care that much. @KhainiWest

  12. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I want to say they're starting to impress me, but honestly, they're only now starting to act as I expected them to from the start. It's great that they're finally dealing with issues and seem to be more involved with the community, but I feel like it's almost too late. It feels too much like a desperate plea for their lost players to try them out again. Looking back at the kind of stuff that happened last year/earlier this year though, the only way is up. Looking forward to seeing what else they have planned.

  13. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    For the sake of entertainment

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    Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    While I am not happy with the Nexon itself, they are slowly but surely making progress. It's too early to tell if this is just a temporary thing, though ._.

    I would love for them to have cellphone verification, or something similar to what Blizzard offers.

    If they were to nerf cubes/potential, then they would need to provide some sort of compensation...or at least let people keep the stats they currently have, but no new cubing would get you those stats.

    In all honesty, I'd like to see a boss with some decent AI rather than just static bosses.
    Make something different, that doesn't just cast damage reflect every 20 seconds..make it, say, disband the party/expedition, and someone would have to reorganize it. I dunno, just an idea haha.

  15. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I put that option for those who essentially quit. Not exactly cold turkey on the game, but just go on to communicate or AFK. I felt there were enough players to dignify that as an option. I didn't vote the "I don't care option" but I'll change it so it's more on those who do actually play the game for the game

    EDIT: Nvm I can't edit it :(

  16. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Which describes me almost exactly (though I only go on for new patches every 2 - 3 months (I can't recently, though; some weird error :(((()) but even though Nexon's buffoonery is not something that affects my day-to-day life anymore it is still something that, at my core, I care about. I like to see them do good things.

  17. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Based on this I think we're both wrong and we should put "masochist" on the option


  18. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    Nexon NA.....

    I have mixed feelings about them right now.

    While I am a little disappointed in the fact that they just took the Post-revamp pirates and mashed them together, reskinned it, and gave it a space theme, Its not like they haven't done that before. So I really can't fault them for that.

    They're showing more promise than they used to. They have stepped up their ticketing service, I see less hackers than before (I still see them, But not as often), and the FM's prices have been stabilizing as of late.

    What I want to see:
    1. GM Presence. And not just a "Hey <world name>!" Super Megaphone, Bring back the weekly ban-list so we can see people are being punished for this.

    2. Events. It has gotten so hard to keep myself interested in this game while waiting for new content. What seems to happen is we get a month of awesome (possibly not because the Anni events sucked in my opinion) and then 2-3 months of nothing but mediocre events and complaining people. How about some more events that perhaps focus on story? Or even bring back some popular old events? Something is better than nothing.

    3. NX. Yes, I understand your a company. Your objective is to make a profit. But why can't you do that while improving your product at the same time? Make NX items obtainable through other means. A popular suggestion is to make Miracle Cubes drop from Bosses. This is an excellent idea! It would make it so the people who cannot/choose not to spend NX still be able to rank up close to the people who do! There is a gigantic gap between NX spenders and non. If you could close the gap even a little bit, Maybe the community might be more inclined to work together more.

    4. Bosses. Yes. A main feature of a MMO is to fight that supposedly evil monster that has 100x more HP than the normal mobs. But the fact that you have to resort to fake-difficulty (IE, 1/1 seduce etc) Rather than trying ot make genuinelly challenging bosses is disappointing. If you tried hard enough, I bet you could make more bosses like CWKPQ, which requires teamwork rather than just getting 500-700% mainstat potential and go ahead and solo whatever the pineapple you want.

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    Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    I'm actually pretty OK with what they're doing right now. All they need to do is keep up their current state of "Hey, we actually give half a pomegranate about our games" to satisfy me.

  20. Default Re: When do you think Nexon will satisfy your standards?

    As of now, the only thing I wish they could change is put in more teamwork.

    Make bosses harder, force people to use expeditions of 10-12+ to fight bosses.



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