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Thread: [KMST] KMST 1.2.435 - Luminous

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    Is Darkness Sorcery missing a duration variable?


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    Yeah it is, sorry about that. 35 at level 1, and 180s at 30.

    27121006/h = MP Cost: #mpCon, Duration: #time sec, Defense Ignored: +#x%, Critical Hit Rate: +#cr%
    If Fiel is reading and wants to insert it himself.

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    For a while, I thought you said "If Fiel is reading and wants to insert it into himself". Then I realise I'm inserting words from nowhere...
    Hates jet lag and the process of getting past it... I'm on >24 without sleep without coffee/etc.

    Could anyone attempt a quick translation of the beginner skills? GoogleTranslate doesn't accept pictures >.< (and we know the coding for beginner skills are borked) Cheers Joe.


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    Beginner Book
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    Dark Pulling should also be Dark Falling :x

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    When Aran was in KMST they had Combat Step that you could use in the air, it was the same acceleration but had no friction, I personally wouldn't mind getting that, as for the skills I feel like they should just recolor and make them be useable in the air.

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    What's the condition for triggering Equilibrium? Stay in the middle? o.O
    Any testers willing to clarify?

    Also, I suddenly thought of a particular character in the Code Breaker manga...


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    Does Equilibrium have a cooldown?

    If not...

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    you start with light then use light skills till your reach dark after like a specific amount of light magic uses your orb will turn dark. Before you reach dark in 3rd and 4th job you reach equilibrium for like 3-5 skill uses then you become a dark magic user and have to use dark skills till you reach equilibrium again then back to light magic .... basically you dont just have 1 attack skill. its pretty much a new way to play maplestory. kind of.

    Im not really sure if its measured by skill uses or time for the equilibrium.

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    After getting 3rd job, you always go into Equilibrium before switching states (Sunfire to Eclipse, vice versa), and that's the only time in 3rd job, as far as I can tell.

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    So it's kind of an oscillating mechanism in which the "period" is dependent on the usage of the appropriate Light or Dark skills? Way cool. It's not bad I feel because Equilibrium lasts 7 seconds... and by the looks of it you can get to Sunfire and/or Eclipse pretty quickly too, so you are constantly having a buff.

    I like this new class. Returns the concept of "control" (if you look past all the numbers and the screams of "OP!"), because not everyone has the funding to make this class look OP [i.e. if you're dependent on Bless of Darkness to maintain 1/2HKO and need to avoid kissing mobs like the plague].

    btw, "Immune to Darkness" sounds... hmm... which monster uses Dark-type skills? And... PvP against BaMs...? o.O


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    Yeah, I rewatched the videos posted a couple pages back and I got how it works now.

    But I saw no restriction on what you could use even when the orb filled with full Sunfire/Eclipse. Theoretically, couldn't one just keep spamming to stay in Equilibrium?

    I think I'm mostly confused because the videos only showed the orb moving >>>>.

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    The range on Light Reflection is insane.

    Any idea why it hits more than 4 times like the skill tables say?

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    A few of us have taken it to mean immune to the Darkness status effect, which never really affected mages anyway >.>

    Your hits are doubled when you use them under the influence of the appropriate buff (Sunfire+Light, Eclipse+Dark)

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    Edit: Removed because it wasn't correct.

    Hmm... looks like you get 7 seconds of bonus buff [Equilibrium] on top of Sunfire/Eclipse... but skill choice is still dependent on the current state of the system, isn't it?


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    - Hurricane that can be rotated *
    - Skill system that actually requires other than spamming 2 skills


    Well you know we were talking about 5th jobs...

    ifyouknowwhatimean :yaomingface:

    But seriously, if they're gonna give 5th job at lvl150, I'm gonna rage. That's dumb. Why not just drop down the req exp and the exp monster give and then raise max level to like 300.

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    ...What kind of sorcery is this? (No pun intended).

    This is literally the first time i've ever felt excited about a mage class.
    I can't stand playing mage classes but this actually makes me want to try it out.

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    Wow I'm really loving how the skills look. It really makes mages look like MAGES.

    It's that feeling of casting Lord of Vermillion and Storm Gust in Ragnarok Online and watching a huge spell go to town on the mobs. I'm also really liking that Luminous isn't exactly the most mobile class. One thing that bugged me was that all the Legends have some pretty hax mobility compared to their class counterparts... it's good to know they have the same mobility as other mages.

    And idk why... but I like the voice overs o-o. I just hope that if it comes in GMS, the English VA doesn't sound terribly annoying...


    Also, isn't being immune to Darkness pretty much a given for a mage? That passive seems really redundant unless the patch changed it so that Mages have to worry about accuracy.

    I'd +1 a mass nerf to mages... at least in PvP, being immune to blind is such a boon that mages don't even realize how stupidly good that is... and it doesn't help that a lot of classes rely on blinding opponents.

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    The CL-type spell [Light Reflection] has a pretty large bounce range...

    5th job for Bishop? How about... Archbishop? =P
    Then... hmmm... what about Archmages...

    I think the Teleporting skill this class possesses clearly beats loads of other mobility skills.


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    Aldo there will be many saying this class is OP as **** I DO like that they almost force you to be creative with your skills instead of spamming only one.
    Also I think we are getting closer to an complete game overhaul which will include level/DMG/meso cap range (aldo you can go over the meso cap at 32-bit 64 bit support would be nice as well =0)

    I think there is coming something BIG, new high leveled areas, the Other Dimension being released and exciting stuff coming up!



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