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Thread: Jett Reveal

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    dragon warrior 2.0 =/

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    Default Re: Jett Reveal

    this, this so hard.

    on the PLUS side though, the skills don't look like pomegranate, i really hated the dragon warrior, and i mean REALLY.

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    Yeah, the skills look okay, they all fit together, unlike dragon warrior with the tigers and pandas and pomegranate.

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    Well, it's not exactly like Dragon Warrior 100%, but I think they just gave birth to a MechMercPirate.
    But actually, who knows. If the devs play their cards [REALLY] right, this could be a promising class.

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    I do love the robotic feel to it. At least people won't pair her with pandas.

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    Default Re: Jett Reveal

    It's a ripoff but it looks better than Dragon Warrior to be honest.

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    Damn you Nexon.
    Damn you for getting my hopes up.
    Damn you because we're probably not getting the revamp.
    God damn you.

  9. Default Re: Jett Reveal

    Well, pretty much seals the deal on me not coming back.

    =/ I was tempted to play again if the Thief/Pirate revamp ever came as planned, but this pretty much shows that it's not a coincidence that they've never mentioned ain't coming.

    EDIT: Or idk, just noticed the random Kunai/Shuriken image they posted on their FB. That's probably supposed to hint at at LEAST the Thief one. But anyways, blahblahblah.

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    Default Re: Jett Reveal

    I never said I stopped a masochist.
    I've BEEN a masochist for years now, son.

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    I don't care if it's just reskinned skills.
    The animations don't look that bad, plus what was the most you'd expect from NexonNA? Seriously

    Storyline looks nice, Thats usually my fav part of new classes.

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    Dragon Warrior didn't have a laser-like skill, or did they?

  13. God of Terrorism Straight Male
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    Default Re: Jett Reveal

    Even though its dragon warrior, it looks much cooler, different story line, and i cant say its a real bucc/corsair feel to it.
    Will take that masochist title, now.

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    To everyone hating on the reskins.

    Get over it.

    If you think about it hard enough, you'll notice all classes just have a bunch of skills thrown together, and that some mimic each others. Look, what's the difference between STRAFE and QUADRUPLE THROW? Just who uses it. It's the actual combination of them all what makes the class unique. And also the feel that gives to the rest of the people.

    And to be honest, it does give a nice feel that no other class can give: FUTURISTIC. Let's wait until the extractions now, though, this can even have potential, with passive abilities added to skills for example.

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    I'm actually suprised in a very good way.
    This doesn't look that bad at all to be honest.

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    Maybe I'm just easily impressionable, but after reading your comment I have to agree.
    It should at least be worth a try, and who knows~ The specific combination of those attacks could fit nicely for some people, and it wouldn't have existed if GMS/CMS/TMS/whatever hadn't decided to try something different.
    Plus, Jett's story might actually be interesting, so there's that.

    (Still bugs me how often aliens have been invading MS though o.e)

  17. Donator Straight Male
    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
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    Default Re: Jett Reveal

    jet is LASERS, actually, this may be the pinnacle of nexon's fetishes

    >CEO: johnson, we have to reskin panda warriors, what do we do!
    >Johnson: uhh.... i dunno.... aliens and lasers?
    >CEO: come on johnson, that's too bland, we need more!
    >Johnson: more lasers?

    just in case i didn't express myself good*

    i hate that this is a reskin, because it pretty much means we're getting recycled content/shared content, instead of a really "exclusive" class

    i LOVE the reskinning, it does look pretty gnarly

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    No, I meant, a skill based on Laser blast.

  19. Default Re: Jett Reveal

    No, not really.



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