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    I have a few questions on the potential lock (the new NX item come with the 35 miracle cubes)...

    1) Does it work with the super miracle cubes? That is, can it lock a legendary item's line?
    2) If I lock the first line on an epic item (say 6% INT), does it mean the item will stay epic on the next reveal? Because the item's rank is depend on the first line iirc. Or the item might go to unique with the same first line effect (6% INT to 9% INT)?
    3) Say this time, if I lock a second line on an epic item which has rare item's primary stat (with 3% INT), does the item stay on epic? Or the item might go onto unique but with rare item's primary stat on the second line? Or the item might go to unique with epic item's primary stat on the second line (3% INT to 6% INT)?

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    1. No
    2. No, I had a 6% str Empress pirate shoe that I locked the 6% in on epic, next reveal it went Unique, but the top line was still locked at 6%
    3. Same as above, It would be unique with a rare line in the middle, It would still be 3% until you cube again without potential locking that line.

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    Thank you very much for the clear up.... This means the lock won't be useful if I aim on a legendary item or improve on rank.

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    It's still useful when going up a rank since you're still guaranteed that it will be the % stat you need instead of some crap line from a higher tier. And you're much more likely to stay on your current tier than go up.

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    But a better rank item with low tier % stats? It is no difference to an epic 6% INT first line item to an unique 6% INT first line item, except on the better rank. You still need to cube it again to get the unique first line.

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    My point was that if you're using regular cubes, you have a 95% chance that it will stay the same tier and you're guaranteed to keep the "+6% INT" line.

    Sure, you can be disheartened on the 5% chance that it goes up a rank that it's now "only +6% INT". However, if you didn't use the lock, you're FAR more likely to get something you don't care about (e.g., +9% DEX) than being lucky enough for it to go to +9% INT.

    It boils down to:
    * Are you trying to get the most % stat for your money? Then the locks are still useful.
    * Are you not stopping until you get Unique? Then locks are a waste of your money. (Not to mention you should be using Supers for this)

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    Yeah, the cheapest route to a 12%+ item is
    epic pot it
    super cube to unique
    regular cube to one line you want (9% primary/6% secondary)
    potential lock + cube to a second line

    In my experience this is about 60k in supers/cubes plus ~5 potential locks to get 12-15% (assuming you stop with 9%+3%all and such)

    Whereas, if you ask people who've done legendary tier, you'll find that going unique->legend is something like 150k nx at regular prices.

    Worth it for the weapon, questionable elsewhere - unless you're dropping the 400-500k for 30% stats on all your equips, don't bother.

    For about half the price (same # potential locks), you get an epic 9% equip, but you have to buy the epic pot scrolls.

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    Ummm.... Of course it is kind of useful when it is free, but... 9900 NX per lock per cube? Super'ing it might be a better option.

    Oh.... I don't meant to flame it up... Just my opinion and on my circumstances. I got hacked last year and just come back, so I need a rebuild. For me, I would rather wait for cube sale (8400 NX for 11) instead of this. =P

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    1. Based on the time this thread was created, I was assuming you meant the "free" locks that come in the current cube bundle sale. I haven't done any calcs to see whether they would be worth it at the full 9,900 NX price, but my gut says no.

    2. No one was flaming, and it certainly wasn't me.



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