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    My professor just e-mailed me asking if I handed in a couple assignments. I'm not sure if I handed certain ones in or if I just decided to not do them (though, I do remember attempting the assignments and never receiving any papers back). I do remember not doing a big assignment though.

    Currently, the grade in the system is an A-. If I tell her I don't remember or if I didn't do them, I could drop down to as low as a C if she decided to change it.

    I'm stuck on what I should do. With that C, I'm on the borderline of losing much needed financial aid. Should I be honest and tell her I missed that assignment? Should I tell her about the assignments I never got back? Is the honesty worth destroy my GPA?

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    Holy moly, this is the kind of situation that you can find in some ethics course.

    Tell her that you remember doing them (since apparently, you seem to remember) and see what your options will be.

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    Only problem is is that big assignment. That alone would drop me down a full letter grade. She also wants me to tell her the grade I received on the assignments. Seeing as I don't know where they're located, I'm still stuck.

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    If you lie and she finds out you will be placed on academic probation and lose financial aid regardless.

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    Just tell her you didn't get the ones you actually did back and do the big asignment. Do they let you redo stuff in Uni?

    Seeing how this is college were talking I would think she would ask you for the assignments themselves. I know at my high school the have a law or some pomegranate where a teacher cannot put a grade in without the work in the room in her sight.

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    Tell her you're unsure and ask if you can redo the assignment?



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