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    Completely different questions so making a new post. :)

    Will Nexon get rid of the anti-bot drop mechanism and return the drop table to normal? All it does is annoy and penalize legit players and does nothing to stop botters from farming Angelic Ring recipes or other "valuable" items.

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    1. Can the anti-bot system be revised? As it is now, it hardly seems to put a dent into botters at all.
    2. With other sources of revenue now (mainly cubes), can we have shared Cash inventories?
    3. Can you raise the limit of max characters we can have in a server? With all these new classes coming out, with Link Skills, it's getting to the point where 15 is just not enough.

    For funsies, will the Eric class ever be released?

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    How successful was capture the flag?

    Overburnd in khaini.

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    While I understand how important the potential system is for your income, have you ever given it any thought as to what it does to the game in terms of fairness and overpowering? Personaly I never did get why potential had to be so enpowering. 1 line per item would have been more than enough.

    Are you happy with the mob function damage reflect? Something needs to be done, as it is now the latency makes it impossible to anticipate when it starts and ends.

    CorvusCorone of Khaini

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    Why did they leave taunt in after the revamp? (I know it's because of KMS, but I wanna know what they say)

    Do they have plans to make bosses/expeditions more co-operative and have class-specific roles?

    How much control over the game do you really have (In relation to Korean Maple, what can they add and/or change?)
    Adding on: Do they have to ask or submit their changes to the KMS team first?

    What's their favorite classes?

    BluCalhoun / TristanKHA on Khaini.

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    I sincerely hope so, Justin. Most of the questions everyone is submitting are mainly about potential new features. When I interviewed NxNeutral it was at the peak of private server activity so I asked a few of the tougher questions about that as well as some about their customer service. Some were ignored and the majority of all my questions were changed for "clarity". I may be updating the post and this thread with some off-limit questions tomorrow or later this week once I receive word of what is off limits and the amount of questions we are limited to asking, so hopefully we shouldn't have that issue.

    I will most likely be keeping the questions everyone has submitted as they were written unless they need to be paraphrased or clarified, so once again it shouldn't be an issue.. The questions submitted so far on Maple-News, Southperry, and Twitter have been great. Keep them coming!

    Also, with the permission of Eos, can everyone please start posting one question per post? I love that some of you guys and girls have multiple questions, but it may be easier for people to vote for their favorite questions if they are separate. Otherwise, myself and the Maple-News staff will just sort through what questions we think are best in your post.

    And just to be clear: Although we ( are interviewing Nexon this is also YOUR, the MapleStory community, interview. We will be honoring as best as we can the top voted questions. This is really an opportunity for those most active in the MapleStory community to get their questions answered because who knows how often Nexon will agree to do Q&A interviews (our last one was almost 3 years ago). And please, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions. We are not Fox News. We aren't trying to spin a certain agenda or blow anyone to get what we want. I could give a rats ass which is why I've always posted about taboo topics and real issues on Maple-News. If you have a good question, regardless of if someone somewhere will like it, and it is respectful, then post it and if the community thinks it's a good question and votes it up, it will be asked and hopefully answered.

    Keep 'em coming!

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    Comparing the way the game is played today versus the way it was played in the past, such as before the Big Bang patch, players are more likely to set off on their own rather than join parties. For example, I think almost everyone who played near the beginning of Maplestory's lifespan remembers joining Party Quests at all levels and there not usually being a problem finding others; or switching to Channel 1 when taking the ship from Ellinia to chat with other players. On the whole, the game feels much less "friendly" and open than it did previously, mostly on less populated servers. While the more obvious knee-jerk response is that people are growing up and being replaced by a different kind of player, the game itself feels like it's slowly shifting away from a focus on cooperating with others to one where individual strength is now prioritized. Does this theory hold any ground, and if so, is it a deliberate design choice?

    Also: Seriously, what's up with all the lasers?

    Gyromin of El Nido
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    Pendant of Windia.

    When do you estimate the release of the Black Mage, as in THE final boss, to be?

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Pendant of Windia (Ya, double post).

    Will you ever raise the damage cap past 1 million for normal skills?

  10. Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team honestly expect them to answer THAT, of all questions? <_<;

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Sure do.
    I said a estimation, not a tomb stone date.

    Just say somewhere in 2013 and get it over with.

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    Why the pineapple pomegranate does it takes ages for you guys to answer tickets?

    Just kidding, but in all seriousness,

    Cappoeira of Windia

    Do you guys ever plan on making more solo training spots for people lv160+ that give reasonable EXP, money and drops?
    Is the Agent event planning on coming back? It was one of the best events in my opinion.
    Is the Visitors event ever going to come back, or any events that give really cool armor and weapons like the visitors event?

    Are there any plans to revamp dead and abandoned areas such as Showa town, Mushroom Shrine, and the theme park to make them actually worth going to?
    Will we EVER get Neo Tokyo or Night Market, or any of the really cool areas that are exclusive to the other versions of Maplestory?

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    What plans do you have to ensure the safety of each player's account? Will Nexon ever start using https instead of http? Knowing you could get hacked in an instant is quite a turn-off to spending money on Maplestory.

    Mandalay of Bera.

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    -Has the original storyline for Masteria been scrapped?
    -Either way, will NLC ever receive consistent updates?
    -Will Masteria monsters/quests ever be adjusted for the Big Bang update?
    -Will the Visitor Event ever show itself again? Specifically, will the Time Traveller medal and the Visitor PQ ever return?
    -Are there plans to revamp Crimsonwood Keep PQ to boost it to post-Big Bang standards?
    -Will the potential-able Mark of Naricain from other versions ever be available in GMS?
    -Other versions of MapleStory recently obtained an exclusive job as well, known as the Dragon Warrior. These versions had their Pirate Revamp removed, and instead, all new skills from that revamp were reskinned and given to this new job. As evident by your teasers, Jett is a gun user, just like the Dragon Warrior, so will we have to give up our Pirate Revamp as well? If so, what made you think this was a good idea?

    -Will the Cash Trade system ever be fully implemented?
    -Will any training methods alternative to Party Play be introduced, that will allow players of the same level to gain the same amount of EXP? Much of the community does not enjoy participating in Party Play due to it's repetitive and boring nature, yet have no alternatives. Party Play was removed in KMS, but a viable alternative was not introduced.
    -Will Horntail and Chaos Horntail's inability to drop items unless certain conditions are met ever be reversed?
    -Account Information is not as secure as it should be. Are any account security updates in the works? Simply telling users to be more careful is rather unacceptable.
    -What is your take on how balanced the Potential System is? Do you believe it should be changed? If so, will you attempt to change it?
    -Recently, your ticketing system has been a lot more giving. Many hacked players were given substantial amounts of Maple Points. What brought about this change, and why wasn't this done years ago?
    -Will steps be taken to reduce the meso inflation in-game? Due to meso exploits, duplication hacks, and recently the item generator hack that allowed hackers to obtain 1 million Maple Point coins, the economy is in shambles. The MTS is to be removed, which is a step in the right direction, but will other measures be taken? If so, can you share?

    MrChefBandit from Bera

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    If accounts are more easily able to be hacked if they've been hacked once, I can imagine that gifting Maple Points to recently hacked characters might encourage the same hacker to target that same person, so this question is doubly relevant.

    Disclaimer: I am probably talking out of my ass.

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Will you give us free Item Locks, to show you are on our side against account hackers, instead of profiting off our fear of them?

    SaptaZapta of Kradia

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Does your team include programmers able to locate and fix bugs, exploits, or hacks, or does everything have to be done in Korea?
    If you do have such programmers, why are some major bugs and hacks still around after months or even years?*
    If you don't have such programmers, why, and what is being done to remedy the situation?

    *Examples of long-lived bugs: HT 30-person limit, change channel requiring several attempts to work, town lag, passive bosses in zipangu.
    Examples of long-lived hacks: increased spawn hack (used in LHC), "mob disarm" (used on bosses), expedition disconnect (used to control access to bosses and desirable FM spots), mob vac (used by botters to bring all spawn in the map to them).

    SaptaZapta of Kradia

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    Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Do you have any plans to attract more players in a different age group into MapleStory?
    ...though that might have sounded kind of weird.

    An example of this would be that though I have heard of some people playing MapleStory in high school and in college (and even beyond that), there are still some people that do not take an interest in this game mainly because they heard "stories" about it and such. It's also proven that majority of the players of MapleStory are over the elementary-junior high age so why not make plans to attract people outside of that area?

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    Hmmm these are the same two questions I would like to ask them too! :)

    - Why didn't Nexon limit the potentials to a maximum of double damage compared to no potential items? Right now, potential can give a player 30 times more damage... this is totally breaking Maplestory. Will potential every be balanced in a way that it's fair for all players?

    - Will Nexon ever add a HUGE and CLEAR animation on damage reflect and add a decent timer (lets say 2 seconds?) to anticipate it's start? Right now it's like Russian roulette, and it involves no skill to anticipate for the players.

  20. Default Re: Upcoming Interview with the Maple Team

    Is there ever going to be a repair or removal of the fail autoban system?
    Many regular (non-hacking) players face frequent disconnections and occasional bans while bossing or training, apparently triggered by server/internet lag, or certain skills, or just moving around the map quickly, yet botters are on every channel of many maps running 24/7, often reaching level 200, apparently unhindered. The system is worse than useless if it disconnects or bans regular players but doesn't touch botters.

    (Also pretty sure many other bugs and annoyances in the game (some mentioned already in this thread) are due to other failed attempts to stop hacks or botters,which probably only stopped them for a few days, meanwhile players must put up with the problems forever. Eg: must attempt to cc twice before it works if you've looted since last cc)

    Belavena of Khaini



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