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    I played this game this past weekend, it was very fun and I really liked it. The game gives you a lot of freedom since you aren't limited to classes you can do whatever the hell you want with your character. I didn't have to grind, just doing the quests gave me enough Ability and Skill points to conquer the next quests.

    I was only able to play for a while, heading to the first area, Kingsmouth. Which is a town in the New England area that has been cursed by zombies and some weird marine monsters, the environment all around that town is quite eerie. When I was weak, I hated jogging across the zombie infested woods and traveling by the monster overrun coast. I tasted a bit of the second area, which is a larger community near the Kingsmouth. This second place also had stronger zombies, some devils and, upon reaching the local academy, specters and zombies of old alumni.

    The quests are also very entertaining, besides the classic "kill around 10 of this kind" (which don't take a lot), there are also quests that have you investigate an area and find specific items. Easier quests mark the area on your minimap in which said goal is found, but there are other difficult quests that only give you a hint and you gotta use your head to figure out.

    An example of a hard quest, was one where I was told to reach the top of a pyramid. I tried remembering some structure that resembled a pyramid or triangle, the only thing I came up with was a Lighthouse, but that was not it. So I opened the map and searched around. There was a landmark around the coast called Pyramid Point, I headed over there and upon reaching the point, I received another hint of the next location. Fun stuff.

    I think this is the last weekend Beta, so if you're interested in a free taste of this game, be sure to check it out!

    **Did a quick search, the only topic was one that Eos made last year that only got 5 posts.

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    Woah, This actually looks cool. I will definitly try it out. If its fun I'll definitly invest some time into it once it comes out. $15.00/month doesnt seem too steep compared to what I spent on Maplestory >_>

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    RL Friend and I have been following the game for years now and I'm still unsure how I feel with what they're doing.
    They're making / doing too many promises with the game and their "Real world" investigation thing already flopped hard during past betas.

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    I wish they'd release better explanation of the skill system.
    That's the part that has annoyed me this whole time. They make a lot of promises about it but no real info how it works.

    I haven't felt like trying to hunt down some other site that answers the question that they should already give me.

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    I got an in-game video when I was about to test out weapons. I did a quick search, couldn't find the video, though.

    The skill system is quite confusing. It's odd, because I feel that's flexible, yet restrictive. It's hard to explain, but I kinda like it.

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    Yeah that's the problem. Tells me pretty much what everything else does...nothing.

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    I've been keeping a close eye on this game for awhile, it looks SOOOOO damn cool. I'm a big horror-enthusiast, so a game about 3 older-than-time, puppeteer factions that fight creatures from ghost stories and our worst nightmares, that is also semi-open world and a RPG just sounds perfect for me.

    However, I have heard that the character creation is lackluster and the combat/animation is stiff, but maybe that will be remedied when it's actually released. I'm also still on the edge about the subscription cost. I love MMORPGs, but I hate subscriptions (one of the reasons I played Maplestory for so long and am currently waiting for GW2 to release), but hey, if this game is what I'm expecting, I might be more than willing to pay the monthly fee.

    I signed up for the last beta weekend, so here's to hoping I get in so I can try it.

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    Default Re: The Secret World

    It seems pretty amazing. Too bad it's under the radar compared to other big-release MMORPGs such as GW2 and Tera =/. Not a big fan of the monthly fee, either.

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    Here goes, coming from around 8 hours of experience. There are Ability Points and Skill Points, let's get rid of the Skill Points first.

    Skills ("MapleStory Stats"):

    In the Skill Point window, you see all of the Weapons (Fist Weapons, Hammers, Shotguns, Dual Pistols, Blood Magic, etc) and Talismans (Major, Minor, Head). Each weapon has two skills that you can allocate Skill Points onto, these attributes are different depending on the weapon. For example, Fist Weapons have the skills of Damage & Healing, Hammers have Survival & Damage, and so on. Talismans only have one skill. Adding onto a skill increases something like a Mastery for the specific Weapon/Talisman, which enables you to use stronger Weapons/Talismans.

    The amount of Skill Points you have to spend on a skill depends on the level. For example, level 1 Damage on Fist Weapons costs 1 point, level 2 Damage is 2 points, this is independent from other Weapons/Talismans and skills. So, you could have level 4 Damage on Fist Weapons and you want to increase level 1 Damage on a Hammer, it only costs 1 point, then 2 points, etc. Or have level 4 Damage on Fist Weapons and you want to increase level 1 Healing on Fist Weapons, it only costs 1 point.

    Abilities ("MapleStory Skills")

    The Ability Wheel is split up into 3 main categories (Magic, Range, Melee). Each category is split into it's 3 weapons (Magic = Blood, Chaos, Element; Range = Shotgun, Assault, Dual Pistols; Melee = Blade, Hammer, Fist Weapon). Each weapon is split into two attributes (Chaos = Theory, Chance; Fist Weapon = Feral[?], Warmth[?], etc). Each attribute has a set of 5 - 7 Abilities...

    pineapple it, I'm making a video.

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    don't forget to include 'how you gain points' since there's allegedly no level system.

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    Well, I tried:

    I keep calling Abilities Skills...

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    It sure is. Especially when you interact with it.

    Planning might be a pain in the ass, though, seeing how there's no resets yet.

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    So I jumped into the open beta today. I only got to play for an hour, cause of course as soon as I started playing, the game was going down for a 4 hour maintenance. But I really love it so far. It's not entirely amazing graphics-wise, but the gameplay is solid, the setting, quests, enemies, and story are great, though.

    I do wish the character creation was more expansive, but again, that may or may not be expanded on when the game comes to its full release.

    I decided to go with an Assault Rifle + Blood Magic combination. I didn't get to try it fully, but I'm sure it'll be great. I'll be playing the game for a good number of hours later today, so yeah. Oh, and I'm in the Illuminati, of course. Screw Dragons and Templars.

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    Well, it was fun. Pure Hammer Templar, had a lot of fun treating my brother as a heal slave. The game is definitely better when playing with other people.


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    They hyped it up too much with their promises and whatnot and failed to deliver it for me.
    Game failed to impress me, not getting it.
    Guess I'll have to apologize to my RL buddy.

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    I might play it. But first I need to leave this war torn country.



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