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    I have seen a ton of screenshots from various places, and I always wonder why maple has varying fonts in all of them. I know you can change it, but how exactly is this done? I found an old topic that had a guide on Sleepywood, but that was taken down or restricted or something. Apparently I cannot access it o-o So how do I do this? Thanks!

    This was the font I had in mind o-o not sure what it's called.

    I cannot remember what user posted this image exactly, copied the URL about 25 minutes ago. Sorry!!!!

    Thanks again!

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    That's the default font maple uses. It's called Arial. o.O

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    Basically, make a back up of your Arial font file. Take the font file you want to be used in maple, rename it to "Arial" and place it in the fonts folder.

    Tada, your Maple will now use a different font.

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    Well, if it is, my maple looks NOTHING like that... o-o

    Maybe I'm just mentally unstable, but... idk. What fonts do you guys like to use?

    Alright I changed it to Times New Roman... but...

    What's up with the small text? This happens when I log in, pick a character, all those words are super small!

    It's not that bad, its fine when I talk to NPCs and such. Just item descriptions, my characters' names at the char. select screen, and my login screen. Other than all is good. Some NPC names look pretty strange though. Map names are REALLY small.

    Here's my registry:
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    Maple uses a standard font size (10pt, in old SSes) that's a lot larger in Arial than in Times New Roman.

    If you put them both in MSWord at 10pt you see something like

    Oh and the reason the post doesn't work anymore is cause I wrote it, and Adura hellbanned my account so you can't see my old posts. You should thank him.

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    Might be because Sleepywood is "changing" or something and they're archiving all threads older than 2 months. Pretty much f`ucked the whole site up since it's been dead for a while. Then again I only visited yesterday for the first time in like, a year.

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    Well I literally haven't been back since 2008 so ok
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    So what font do you guys recommend?

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    So what font do you guys recommend?

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    unfortunately, not all fonts work (in fact, most don't)

    i'm using a font that allows me to differentiate between i's and L's (most of the time)

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    Hahaha wingdings... Weren't they called Webdings at a time? So what do you guys use, seriously? Haha I just like the classic clean look somewhat like the one in the original picture I posted at the top.

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    I might be crazy, but that font in the original post just looks like Arial to me, which is apparently the default font according to earlier posts in this thread.

    There aren't that many fonts I would consider worth looking at for a long period of time. After a quick scroll through my font list, I'd say Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, Lucida, Tahoma seem decent if you're looking for ideas.

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    Someone tell me I am not just seeing things. There is definitely a difference here o-o
    Maybe I'm crazy! Both fonts are arial, of course. Are there different versions of Arial or something? In my fonts I have arial narrow and arial. o-o

    Credits to Loose for screenshot. Found the old topic, xD

    Does anyone seem to know what this font is?

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