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    Default Why Regular Gamers buy hacks for MMOs

    Whilst this specific article is about hacking FPS games it is applicable even more to MMORPGs where the gap between someone who plays 24/7 and someone who plays 2 hours a day is extremely evident.

    Unlike a vast majority of SP I don't have a problem with people who use hacks and exploits and buy them on a monthly basis. I keep them in my BL, talk to them , treat them like normal people.

    I've been to some of their houses and tried out their hacks and it can be fun at times.

    however with the way that games are even the best mmo's have hacking/botting issues and a great point was raised in this article that basically suggests that the MMO provider should give you incentives not to hack their game.

    People don't just join an mmo and decide to buy hacks off the bat. there is usually a breaking point where someone gives in and it can exist even if they have never been a victim (directly or indirectly) of hackers and botters.

    Do you guys think it's the publishers/developers duty to make you NOT want to hack/bot their games or should hackers and botters just be fought against in an endless war that will never be in the publishers favor?

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    I feel the same, and a lot of the biggest hackers in the server on every game I have ever played have been on my BL, the only thing I hold them to is not lying to my face about it and not stealing from other people. Anything else, it's their choice, not mine.

    Unless you make a game fun for all audiences (it's impossible, by the way), there will always be hackers. If the company hires players as vigilantes of sorts, the hacks will stay private and only given to a very small group, but they will still exist, and then they would benefit even more from exploiting the market than if there were a ton of public hacks out, which would in turn encourage them to hack even more in even more games. Either way, there's no way to stop it, and there's no way for a game to not eventually be ruined by it. The only game I've ever seen that has had zero hackers is Latale, and that's a combination of the pomegranatety convoluted network architecture, it not being a popular game in China or the US, and it being almost entirely server-side (the first and third make for a terrible amount of lag even if you are on the intranet hosting the gameservers, a friend who was one of the GMs at the vancouver branch of OGP for a little while confirmed that, and that's probably a major contributor to the second!). edit: actually, one person did hack even on there for about 2 hours on jLT, but he got banned and they patched that. Still, it proves it was possible even on a game like that.

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    Default Re: Why Regular Gamers buy hacks for MMOs

    The bitter feelings on that comments page made me laugh.

    To me, hacking motivation boils down to 3 things:

    1. Empathy level: The more you put your own enjoyment above others the more temptation to cheat.

    2. Anti-fun factor: The less fun/ more time consuming doing something is (grinding) the more the temptation to cheat.

    3. Community: Almost hand in hand with 2, the less fun it is to catch up to the average active portion of the community, either level or skillwise, the greater the cheating temptation.

    Above all else, what separates a good gamer from a crap one is empathy. If you care about your fellow gamer you won't want to cheat. The guy in that interview fails miserably on that account: You go through all this stress yet don't care that you're ruining other's stress relief? Laugh off that you suck as a gamer. Note that i said as a gamer, no need to go judging a person's whole character based on their actions in a game.

    However, 2 and 3 can really give even a gamer with empathy trouble. Maple's a cesspool when it comes to 2 and 3: The broken economy is the absolute worst grind ever, either via merchanting or hunting stuff worth selling... in a game where all the ingame items have all been devalued by botters and such. Then there's the hacked items pushing legit items even further down the community curve. Throw in the tons of mesos (likely illegit) that make the average gains from grinding worthless and its easy to see why the game became a hellhole for hacking. and then when it comes to people hacking levels: Maple's now outdated combat isn't as fun compared to recent entries, though newer classes have improved it.... i just don't feel like my brain is really activated by it, which a huge problem.

    If a company REALLY wants to fight hacking, the game itself, at birth and in future development: has to be designed with 1 2 and 3 in mind: add systems that reward players for helping others and not encouraging griefing. My ideal MMO would allow players to still get a fraction of quest exp for being in a party with someone who turned one in, along with an 'assistance points' system that rewards special items for being involved.

    Make the grind more fun by keeping it varied, combat engaging, and minimizing repetition as much as possible. Make quests reward more than exp and a block of text, add more personality, images and cutscenes to make the story rewarding, even the frivolous ones to keep players going. Everytime a person levels, they should feel like they did a LOT of stuff and should actually be dissapointed when they reach the end.... not relieved.

    And of course, keeping the community even with each other:High levels, after a server is established: have tons of money and usually inflate the economy. So much that newer players are frustrated that there's no stuff to shop for unless they grind hardcore. They're usually most tempted to cheat or buy gold. Make it so lower levels can still contribute and find items that high levels will need a lot of so they have reason to spread that wealth out. Long as no one feels rushed to 'get there' so they can finally have fun/be economically free. Motivation to hack is minimized.

    It won't stop all hackers, but the ones that have a decent level of empathy would be much less tempted to dip into the dark side. This idea came to me from reading valve's statements regarding that better service will lower piracy, as such then I conclude that better, more engaging gameplay and balance has the potential to reduce hacking all the same.

    Of course we all know the apparent problem with all of this: most companies... it costs money to do the research, balance and engaging content that makes such a game possible. So long as games are spending more on advertising over development, such games will likely be forever a rarity.

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    Default Re: Why Regular Gamers buy hacks for MMOs

    A lot of people on Maple hack for profit, they make more money than they spend for their monthly subscriptions by using the hacks.
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    0 empathy from this guy when it comes to hacking. I guess I'm just a plantain compared to the rest of you who don't seem to care.

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    I constantly feel that the only thing separating me from them is that I quit when a game gets boring instead of hacking.

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    Default Re: Why Regular Gamers buy hacks for MMOs

    Didn't realize end users were also making RL money.... that's impressive in a sinister sense.

    @DrRusty I didn't mean to sound apathetic regarding this hacker personally. I believe he's a horrible gamer and would gladly shout how much he sucks. but some of the extremely personal insults thrown in that comments page is uncalled for.

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    Does anyone have that video of the chinese dudes in a room full of like 20 computers all playing Maple Story and explaining how they pay their employees with the money they make from it? It was actually a very interesting and lengthy video. I remember it vividly from years ago but I know it was posted on this forum.


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    I think that's low. Last time I played MS a couple years ago people justified their hacking with that argument and I think it's just sad and low.
    Be it for profit or whatever hackers ruin games and that's it. Hated them aswell as the people who buys mesos/gold.

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    Why did you ban him? Just curious, I didn't see him admitting anywhere he actually used hacks, unless you misread
    , in which he was saying he didn't mind hanging out with OTHERS that bought them on a monthly basis, not that he did so himself.

    Oh, nevermind, I see it now, he used his friend's hacks.

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    I don't really care if you hack as long as you don't do one thing; Hinder my gameplay. Seriously hackers in maplestory didn't bother me until two things came about, dc hack and server crashing. They determined when I could play or not. Other than that, it was just an ethical issue, and people used to call out those who tried to brag about their accomplishments based on a skyscraper of fallacy. It was obnoxious, but the gap was manageable.

    But games in a competitive nature, I mean where's the fun besides seeing "WIN/VICTORY" across the screen. I just can't understand how someone could justify themselves of cheating on something like Modern warefare or something for example. Hell I remember on generals zero hour how people used a "scudbug" which litterally let someone reuse their super weapon(able to destroy a 4th of your screen) over and over again. Why? Because they used some cheap tactic, so you used a cheaper one to counter it.

    Bottomline is, kid's play games, they like to win, as they get older, it's more of trying to be the "scarface" of that game, they want to be known, admired, feared, envy'd. They want money, they want to justify their time invested, "Oh, well I make money off maplestory so...yeah I don't carry the social stigma of no life because I make money!".

    Hackers arent bad people, but they are most likely to bring games to their knees and ruin it for everyone else. It's just that nature that every cheater wants to turn their game into a proffitable job. They get to stay home, play their video game, and make "THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WHILE DOING IT". Hell every other kid is "sponsored" for halo, it's just the kids dream, some accomplish it, but not even half a % of them can actually make a dignified living off of it.

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    One of these perhaps?


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    Default Re: Why Regular Gamers buy hacks for MMOs

    Of course it's low.



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