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  • Marmite

    4 16.67%
  • Vegemite

    2 8.33%
  • Both

    1 4.17%
  • Neither

    5 20.83%
  • Never tried them

    12 50.00%
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  1. Default Marmite/Vegemite

    I don't think this question has ever been asked here: Have you guys tried Marmite or Vegemite, and if so, do you like either or both? Or do you just hate both of them? I'm curious.

    Personally the taste of either grows on me depending on which one I have stocked at the moment, but I prefer Marmite.

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    Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    I've tried Marmite and i like it in small doses.

    I've never tried Vegemite though. Doesn't that make my vote kinda skewed :/

  3. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    Vegemite is good. I like it enough that I import it every once in a while.

  4. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    My friend was in a lab working on Marmite over the winter. She NEVER wanted to touch it again, because the smell just reminds her of work.

    Throw you in a Cadbury or Green and Black lab and you'll never have that kind of desire for chocolate ever again [not the same as hating chocolate].


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  6. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    People with good taste?

  7. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    Tried marmite once a long time ago. Absolutely hated it.

  8. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    Marmite is amazing.

  9. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    I had no idea these things existed until now and I still haven't a clue what they are supposed to taste like from the images I saw.
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  10. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    If you visit someone else's room/house and spot such a bottle, ask for a cracker and dip a small bit of it (don't take too much!) and have a bite. That's the best way to get an idea of its taste.


  11. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    It's either the best spread on the planet or the worst. Your call. Import some from England!

  12. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    never had it. doesnt sound appealing, but then again i eat liverwurst so i should try new things.

  13. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    Tried Vegemite. Wife didn't put any butter, so I wanted to throw up.

    nedz moar Tim Tam Slams.

  14. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    yeah, no. neither. zilch. nada.

    it is the worst spread ever. why would anyone invent it.

    EDIT : to those who havent taste marmite, its reeeaally salty with a reeeaaallyyy bad after taste.

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  16. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    I've tried both. I personally think Vegimite is better (maybe because I've eaten a lot more than Marmite). Like most people, I think its horrible.

    The mistake most people make is putting slabs of it on their bread/cracker/whatever. Less is better! And putting some butter also helps.


  17. Default Re: Marmite/Vegemite

    I've never had Cheesybite, but it doesn't sound appetizing in the slightest.



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