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    All right, since Jett is possibly stealing my lovely pirate revamp and there is nothing I can do about it, I have decided to make a phantom. If I sell all my bucc junk I will have 2.5 billion mesos. How much should I budget to % luk, an endgame weapon, and skillbooks; respectively?
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    Depends on what you mean by endgame weapon. 2,5b wont come close to buy you a perfectly scrolled legendary tier cane in this trash economy we have.
    If Phantom has alot of skills that increase in utility and not just damage % as you put points in them I'd start there. Then I'd go for a decent weapon, but not anything "perfect". Then perhaps the cheaper % LUK items such as earrings could be a nice investment, if you did not burn it all on books. x)

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    How do people get mesos and not know what to spend them on, I don't understand.

    Phantom is no different than any other class, equip wise.
    Go craft some 6%-12% luck stuff if you can't afford 21 att 30% earrings and move on to a mediocre weapon, because 2.5bil will not do anything except maybe 1-2 15% pieces of luck gear and a 100%'d 3-4 ee'd cane.

    Current estimation in the first week of a perfectly scrolled 10%'d cane with legendary tier (Assuming PVP canes/empress canes/psokable 120+ canes including fearless and abyss canes) are releases is about 12-15bil for even the worst potential.

    A 20%'d cane will go for 25-30 seeing as only a few people left can make them.

    You're better off grabing a 100%d one and getting a full set of 6% gear and just leaving your pirate equipped.
    Phantoms do not even really need equips to hit desirable damage.

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    As for your weapon : Justice shop. I got myself a 137 attack Cane (mostly) from Justice shop buying and scrolling. I say "(mostly)" because I bought 3 level 120 canes and they turned out poorly, so I bought a cane from the free market with a 12 attack potential and scrolled it. It's very possible to get something of equal stats or better without as much effort I put into it, if you're lucky.

    Armor : I have no idea what the deal is in GMS, so I can't comment on that.

    Mastery Books : All of the money you can possibly put towards them... You will need it. Oh, and the Justice shop will allow a free maxed mastery on any skill you want.

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    I probably won't be 4th job until October to November due to my training speed. So hopefully mastery book prices will drop.

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    Yeah but if you get enough Justice coins you can just buy the book and hold on to it for a long time.

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    is getting 6-12% equips easy with fusing or something? I was always under the impression you'd need to fuse 100 pants to get 6% if you're lucky.

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    Yes, it would take a huge amount of tries (without luck).



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