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  1. Default Interesting red posts

    Thought it'd be cool if we posted ones we found interesting. They don't have to be LoL-related.

    Morello on stealth rework

  2. Default Re: Interesting red posts

    Stalk a couple of emissaries, such as colloquial, and you'll occasionally find posts full of links that lead to red posts of value.

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    Default Re: Interesting red posts

    I'm too lazy to look for it right now, but there's at least a couple of places where Zileas goes where he pleases (aka, purposefully trolling people for lulz).

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    I don't entirely appreciate Zileas' antics, but the thread where IronStylus declared war on Zileas was epic. He basically destroyed the great parrot.

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    Default Re: Interesting red posts

    This makes me way happier than it should.

    Though i do tend to announce it in chat whenever i manage to ignite a minion, it's usually quite lolzy.



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