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  1. Default RF-less Phantom?

    When Phantom comes to GMS, I may consider making him. However, I plan to make a Phantom without stealing Rapid Fire for DPS or whatever and become more dependable on Ultimate Drive.

    I also plan to take some magic skills, in the case I face enemies with any Weapon/Magic cancel buffs.

    Any opinions and what should I do?

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    Paralyze and Chain Lightning are good, with Chain Lightning being better DPS, but Paralyze has the DoT and paralysis effect and can hit 8 targets. If you can get Decent SE, get Vipersition for a self-buff, or continue to use Combo Attack and Holy Symbol.

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    Paralyze might work wonders, I don't really need the stun effect from Lightning.

    This could be my hypothetical build.

    1st: Haste, Iron Body, Lucky 7 and Arrow Blow

    2nd: Thunderbolt, Hyper Body, Meso Guard and Mental Clarity

    3rd: Combo Attack, Holy Symbol and Drain Arrow (provided if they still have the 5% Drain Judgement skill)

    4th: Sharp Eyes and Paralyze

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    Just so we're clear, you can only use one skill per job level.

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    Yea, I know.

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    Fuck this shit! I do what I want.

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    How come the icon of your selected skills are half and half of 2 different skills?

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    Read JoeTang and Locked's posts. It's an edit.

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    Default Re: RF-less Phantom?

    A magic skill would only be useful whenever soul steal is on cooldown.

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    Some monsters have physical resistance.

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    Default Re: RF-less Phantom?

    But don't pretty much all of the monsters that have physical resistance also have resistance to every type of magic? Aside from maybe scarlion/targa.

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    Magic attacks are very useful at Akyrum and CHT's left head.

    I have Rapid Fire and CL because of Akyrum, and I use CL for grinding at stronghold.

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    Doesn't CHT reflect M/atk too?

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    Left head is melee reflect, right head is magic reflect.

  16. Default Re: RF-less Phantom?

    Yeah, but unlike physical resistance, you can use Elemental Reset or whatever, from third job mages, to overcome the resistance, letting you do twice as much damage as normal with a magic attack.

    For example, RF+Combo vs Paralyze+Elemental Reset on a Physical Resistant boss with just attack+buff+resistance factored in, and someone check my math:

    - RF: 330%, hits 8.333 times a second.
    - Combo = 1.25x
    - Physical Resistance is half damage.

    330 * 1.25 * 8.333 * 0.5 = 1718.68%/s

    - Paralyze: 200% per hit, 6 hits, +180% DoT
    - Paralyze has a delay of 800ms, which is 720ms assuming booster works, 1000/720ms.
    - Elemental Reset negates half damage from Elemental Resistance.

    200 * 6 * 1000/720 = 1666.67%/s + 180%/s DoT

    And something huge I forgot, RF and Paralyze will both hit 8.333 times a second, if you do the math, but that means RF has a chance of activating Noir Carte 8.333 times a second, but Paralyze hits 6 times in one attack, meaning it can activate Noir Carte, at most, twice.

    If we add in Noir Carte, assuming 100% crit, because it's easier, it would be an additional 8.333 * 220%/s * 1.25 * 0.5, and 1.389 (8.333/6 ?) * 220%/s * 0.5 (Elemental Reset does not affect Noir Carte), giving RF an additional 1145.79%/s and Paralyze only 152.78%/s.

    For new totals of:
    RF: 2864.42%/s
    Paralyze: 1819.45%/s + 180% DoT

    I've tested and for sure Elemental Reset works on Phantoms if you're using a magic attack against an elemental resistant boss, but does nothing for physical element attacks against a physical resistant boss.

    To clarify, all skills without an element are physical "elemental", and will be affected by physical resistance, like Rapid Fire, TT, the new QT, Evan's Illusion, Magic Claw, etc, but magical skills that are physical elemental, like Magic Claw, can be used in conjuction with Elemental Reset to increase their damage on physical resistant bosses.

    RF w/o Elemental Reset

    RF w/ Elemental Reset

    Paralyze w/o Elemental Reset

    Paralyze w/ Elemental Reset

    Also, Paralyze mobs. Hits like 8 monsters. CL is a bit faster, also 200% damage and 6 hits, but no DoT, only hits 5 monsters, I think. +25% Crit, though. Using Justice values, I'm not aware of any changes to CL from the recent revamp.
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