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  1. Basic0 Durability Items Question

    I need ask some question regarding durability item.

    1. Which armors have durability?
    2. Where can I get durability armor?
    3. Does tablet still destroying item when failed?
    4. How to categorize mob type (Animal, Devil, Undead) to gain dmg bonus?
    5. How to have Hands attribute now (required for skill gain)?
    6. Where can I get Dragonic weapon (Lv110 durability weapon)?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: Durability Items Question

    1. None that I know of.
    2. See Above
    3. I believe it does still have a chance to destroy item, Yes.
    4. Look in the Crusader Codex once you already have that card, It will tell you there.
    5. Not Possible anymore, Hands was removed when the old Smithing/Alchemy system left.
    6. You need the original durability item (IE Machlear) and the recipe/some other stuff and use Smithing to create the Dragonic version.

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    1. Certain armors from the explorer leveling event 2 years back. Not available anymore.
    2. ^
    3. Not anymore.
    4. Fiel can tell you, and so can the Monster Book (for most monsters).
    5. Hands is now used for the trait Diligence.
    6. Get a recipe for the Dragonic weapon and a regular weapon from DRPQ. You must learn Smithing to do so.

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    To elaborate; if you happen to have an old equip with Hands it will give that amount to Dilligence instead, as long as it is equipped.

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    Default Re: Durability Items Question

    1 the cape (and i think earrings?) from dragon rider PQ are durability equips
    2 dragon rider PQ
    3 no idea
    4 fiel also made an extraction of it a while ago, if you dig you'll find it
    5 answered
    6 answered

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    Default Re: Durability Items Question

    Rex earrings from Hob king pq are also a durability item.

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    I've only failed 1 tablet, but it didn't break, it doesn't say they do, so I assume they do not.

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    Does it mean durability weapon that required 100 Hands is equivalence to 100 exp Diligence? or 100 level Diligence?

  9. Default Re: Durability Items Question

    100 exp. yeah its that easy. (its like lvl 6 or less.)



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