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  1. Cash7 Permanent Cash shop items

    So I am not one to normally buy nx (at least not anymore) but I have been thinking about the permanent stuff nexon keeps adding to the cash shop on a weekly basis that is "limited time".

    So this thread will serve two purposes:
    1. To let everyone put their cash shop ideas out there
    2. Thoughts on said ideas.

    So here's mine:

    With all the pets they put out that are permanent, why not create a new item, oh i don't know, make it easy, called Premium Water of Life, that when used turns any existing pet into a permanent one. What made me think of this was that I have the original dragon pet (the one you have to grow from an egg then use another special cash shop item to evolve it and then randomly get either a red, blue, black or green dragon with green of course being the most common and if you get the color you don't want you re-evolve it.

    They had the permanent version once but I don't want to give up the one I have that I finally got blue. So I thought it would be awesome to just put a limited time item that could make it permanent. Honestly I would pay up to 15k nx for something like this which is saying something because since I have been back (last september) i have only willingly given nexon 10 dollars.

    Thoughts or ideas?

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    Default Re: Permanent Cash shop items

    Nice idea but Nexon has been being durp for some reason.

    Another good idea would be that Nexon should have some crossover equips like some stuff people were in Combat Arms or etc. It would somewhat promote their games so it's perfect!!!!11

  3. Default Re: Permanent Cash shop items

    Actually that is a good idea too....cross promotion of the other games would definitely help not only revenue for them but also membership in their games.



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