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    I don't see any discussions about this here, and I know I've seen some great ideas for content come from this site. Nexon seems interested in hearing our opinions, whether or not this will go anywhere is up for debate, but there's nothing wrong with leaving feedback, eh? Hope this was the appropriate place and it was worth a thread. Make your voices heard guys. ^^

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    Default Re: High Leveled Content They're actually going to listen to us...Well now..let's see how this will turn out.

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    Who are you and what have you done with Nexon?

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    As signs have shown before all these changes, they were starting to go downhill.

    They're pretty much FORCED to realize that they need to pick up their damn slack or they'll just continue to sink.

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    I want Crimsonwood to be a lvl180-lvl200 party play zone.

    The keep is laid out in such a way that it's a PERFECT place to hang out.

    -Huge lobby
    -4 different doors to 4 different mobs
    -CWKPQ 1 door away
    -Incrediawesome BGM

    Create a VIP taxi and put a vendor there and I'll probably never leave. (FM may be pushing it? :x)

    Imagine the Storm Knights, Firebrands, etc doing 10k+ damage with their spells, dropping awesome CWK loot, and giving massive experience. You can pick and choose which rooms you want to go which brings a nice variety.

    They can also bring the Twisted Masters as an area boss for each room and make them so broken that it takes an entire server inside their room to bring it down. Like, looking back at the Empresses that spawned at the Victoria Island towns brought an interesting unification in the server that was frustrating (lol @ Shinku) but also worth taking up.

    Also, I want Crimson Guardians to be the most broken mobs in the game: they seal/blind as usual but will now have 1/1, seduce, dispel,WDEF/MDEF up, poison, millions and millions of HP, etc etc etc. This will give people an incentive to use their entire arsenal of skills like Magic Crash, Dispel, party shields, Hero's Will, portals, Auras, and generally lots of party play. As it is now, it's SPAM ATTACK, POT, REPEAT for every single party play zone and its BORING. Make the rewards so enticing that people will want to train there all-day, all-night despite the steep difficulty and having to actually pay attention to something other than big numbers and your HP bar.

    And since they drop Emblems, it gives the CWK exchange quest a better use: so instead of farming for gear, you can also try farming for untradeable emblems that you can exchange to get some unique, untradeable items. Even if it's all decorative like a useless Title, decent medal, iTCG gear, or nice looking gear, it's still better than getting pots and mesos from the old icky exchange quest.

    BLARGHHHH Nexon make my dream a reality ;_;
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    I wanted to see the OLD Maple 20 times harder... now this is the time to tell them...

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    You should probably post your ideas there too. :P

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    I want 140-160 party content... LHC is boring and ToT's full of botters but not much else.

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    need some lvl200 pq or w/e to get lvl 200 class specific equips boring as hell at 200 and every class looks almost the same

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    Actually i decided to post and gave to them this recomendation...

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    do want


    i DO like the idea of a significantly harder boss taking the place though, say every hour or so, and you can either "seal it" like the old anti-botters in case you couldn't kill it on your own and wanted to train, or fight it, and it gives a BOX to anyone in the fight (think ani) so that the hackers with shetton duped gear can't just farm them on every channel.

    (btw, there were 3 empresses summoned in the haunted mansion lobby staircase, HILARIOUS fight let me tell you)

    oh god, no seduce or 1/1, pick one and roll with just that one, make them have some sort of super KB attack instead, that you have to jump to avoid, a monster that hits your HP by percentages would be awesome though

    exp would have to be pretty intense though, because remember when stronghold came out and people would rather not step there because they'd die in two hits and had to actually pay attention? yea...

    do want

    it would be pretty cool that there were several different sets with the same effect, imagine the alien set, crimsonwood set/past set, and empress set giving the same stats? would certainly diversify the game, or make crimsonwood/aliens a set for accesories

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    Someone mentioned Guild PQ in that thread.

    Yes, please, give us Guild PQs. Give us a way to raise GP without afking the entire day. Give us a reason to actually set up a respectable guild with a cooperative goal (rankings). Give us a reason to have expeditions that can hold up to 30 people.

    Make the rankings similar to Dojo rankings: make it reset every week and give out rewards to the top guild, top 10 guilds, top 20 guilds, etc. If you do it this way and give out some great, worthwhile, expiring rewards, people will definitely make the effort to participate like they do with Dojo.

    Give each town its own GPQ and not just Perion/Sharenian.

    Ughhhhh I have so much to ask for! I could go on but I won't because I'll get sad <_<.

    A way to do it is let people have a repeatable daily quest that says "Kill Red Nirg 0/1" and the reward is a good number of tradeable emblems of that type (Red Nirg would give Warrior Emblems which can be traded for Warrior stuffs). Actually, a box as a reward would be way better.

    Mansion had to be haunted for a reason. :p

    Do all of that. Seduce makes people use Hero's Will and party shields while 1/1 forces people to react.

    What I like about Stronghold is that you (well, you can now because they're glitched...) could not afk at all in the drillrooms. However, training there was waaaaay faster. So, it was rewarding you for actually participating in training unlike the afkers in LHC.

    The thing I hate about Stronghold is that IT'S SO BORING. When I was training my Paladin, I had my mutant snail out, a book on top of my space bar (which had Soul Driver on it), and left to watch some videos (while checking back occasionally). For other classes, it's spam attacks and pot... all this without moving.

    At least with difficult mechanics, you actually had to pay attention. And with every mechanic, you can be rewarded with a proportional amount of exp. I'm thinking like a couple% just for killing a single Crimson Guardian or something... at lvl19x. A lot of dying will happen though... and people will still want to train here for loot :x

    I want Power Mane, Arcana Crown, etc to actually have full, class specific, sets. The iTCG gear could really be lvl180 weapons or something.... they definitely look quite smexy :).

    Bosshunter gear (the lvl70 iTCG gear) could actually have boss hunting stats on it... like 30% boss damage or something <_<.

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    I want lvl 120+ Visitor PQ back.

    Making a longer post there in a bit if no one brings it up.

    (Adjusted to current power level, of course)

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    I'm going to keep my expectations very, very low.
    It does seem like they're actually making a bit of an effort now though. It's a start.

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    dream of all, expect nothing.
    i most probably am the most resilient dark knight around, and i still think that sed+1/1 is a terrible idea, you need a BaM for it you say? he can get seduced too, unless they have very specific seducing antics, only way i wouldn't mind it is if they only seduce when looking in X direction, or their 1/1 is in such a small range it can't hit you during seduce (totally NOT like PB)

    stronghold was actually worse for me than BW/golems, DI has terrible vertical range so i got KS'd a lot, i earned better exp soloing BW with a bish from what i remember, and the only way to make it better was to go to the very last map.

    plus i couldn't see if i was hitting anything, thanks to mechs and whatnot covering every other number.

    i find the lack of places to afk terrible, since you can't react to RL as fast, or die.

    i don't mind the mane and stuff having set effects, i just think they shouldn't overpower the empress set, naricain effects probably should though, maybe drop a akyrum-pendant version of the MoN? pottable with lots of stats, requires loads of kills to get one (like kenta googles you could say) make em tradeable.

    what better way to make people buy dual pendants than this?

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    Why do i vision this going the same place the content design contest went? ..
    although i'm enjoying the changed nexon so far. Lets hope they can keep it up o_o

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    Asking advice for high level-content from Nexon Forum userbase.



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