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Thread: [Broa] R> StrawHatDrgn

  1. Cash3 R> StrawHatDrgn

    After getting back to the game, learning all the new stuff, it is finally time to start rebuilding the guild.

    Recruiting anyone (
    ) at any level (lower the better to help level up guild).

    Long back in the days before the dreaded guild hack, my guild was well-known for being an honest, helpful guild and I want it to remain that way.

    If interested whisper me my mule GreatCanonA to let me know (BTW my mule heads a mules only guild if interested as well)

  2. Default Re: R> StrawHatDrgn

    You'll have to specify "legit". There's a lot from that time that has become a social norm. Thus actual legitimacy is pretty much gone.

  3. Default Re: R> StrawHatDrgn

    Ahhh, then it has truly become a sad day for maple...



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