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Thread: New Tags

  1. Default New Tags

    Two new tags;


    They suppress their contents to any user who doesn't meet their stated requirement, ie: having replied, or having voted, in the current thread.

    The person who uses them obviously can see through them, as can admins and mods.

    An important caveat on the hide-vote; If you're a smartass who uses it on a thread that has no vote it won't be hidden. Still debating to make it automatically unhide in a closed vote too. Also note this means the delay between posting the post and filling out the poll creation qualifies as "not having a poll", so anyone looking while you're filling it out can see what you were trying to hide, so you might want to consider adding hidden messages after the poll is live, via edit.

    [HIDE-REPLY]Congrats, you replied[/HIDE-REPLY]

  2. Default Re: New Tags

    Neat! thanks for this. I saw this a few days ago, but without the Hide-Vote options. Kinda a neat idea I guess.

    [HIDE-REPLY]Thank you for the pointless way to garner replies in a thread :D[/HIDE-REPLY]

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    Default Re: New Tags

    Interesting feature. Forcing people into not lurking. [HIDE-REPLY][/HIDE-REPLY]

    edit: Do the tags force the enclosed text/whatever onto a new line? Or am I seeing things.

  4. Default

    They do, so you can tell what was hidden. You also cant auto-quote the hidden portion and accidentally reveal it.

    I posted a rough of how to add it to the one you probably saw.

  5. Default Re: New Tags

    You're an pimento.

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    Default Re: New Tags

    not sure i like this... or at least the hide reply i mean, if it hid info to people not logged into the site maybe i'd understand it, but what would require "hiding" that forces us to post?

    if anything i see this enforcing spam just to get and understand part of the topic

    hide vote i'm ok with.

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    Default Re: New Tags

    Not entirely sure about the usefulness of this feature.

    Forcing people to reply even when they have nothing to say? Isn't that spam?

    Making people give their opinion before seeing yours or some key information? Neat, except they can edit their vote/response after seeing the hidden content.

    Guess I'll wait and see how people apply this.

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    Default Re: New Tags

    Oh, saw the Hide-Reply button earlier and I was wondering what it was for.

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    Default Re: New Tags

    [hide-reply]Not sure what this is intended for...[/hide-reply]

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    Default Re: New Tags

    o.o means I'll have to reply even though I may not have anything worth saying just to see what others have said.

    >_> good and bad, I guess.

  11. Default Re: New Tags

    because im clearly the only one who thought of this.

  12. Default Re: New Tags

    The only way to know how it will be used is to have it enabled. The most logical use is of course to only share your own input with people who are also contributing to a conversation. That's especially true of the hide-vote, which is less tamper-prone, unless it's a vote that lets you change yours. Then they're pretty much equal.

    If it's abused, I'll drop it down to just the hide-vote.

    If you have nothing to contribute why do you have to know what you're not seeing, since it's already something you're not concerned enough with to bother engaging?


  14. Default Re: New Tags

    This is kind of annoying. When I post I want to at least believe I'm contributing. Now I'll have to post just to see people say pomegranate that will turn out to be asinine 99% of the time.

  15. Default Re: New Tags

    How about we disable it for the opening post so no one does what I'm thinking of doing?

  16. Default Re: New Tags

    How about we obviously infract you and anyone else who does it for spam if you do outside of the funhouse?

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    Default Re: New Tags

    how can i know i'm not concerned, when half of the post is hidden?

    something though, might want to have the "hidden" text be identifiable after posting?

    say i hid "i dislike this fruit" on a post, then someone else who had already posted asks me without hiding "why do you hate X fruit?"

    terrible example, but yea.

    [HIDE-REPLY]if possible, could you illustrate me with some examples where the hide-reply comes useful?[/HIDE-REPLY]

  18. Default Re: New Tags

    I'm not sure about the value of the hide-reply tags. I will give them a shot though, since I don't entirely know about the detriments of them either, assuming rule-abiding posters.

  19. Default Re: New Tags

    If that would be the purpose then why have it in the first place?

    Oh I see. You said "for spam", implying that I had wanted to spam up the board. Nice.

  20. Default Re: New Tags

    First thing I thought of.
    Dammit Eos.



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