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    Well, I am curious if anyone else is having this issue. After the last patch, rather randomly, when money drops from monsters you can't pick it up. At first I thought it was an issue of ownership, but even after waiting a bit the money cannot be picked up. no other drops experience this, only money. I have talked to several alliance mates who say they are having the same exact problem which leads me to believe it is a brand new bug. I have not sent a ticket to nexon (we all know their track record) and just want to confirm it is a bug, nothing else.

    Also, not sure if this affects pets or not as my autoloot expired 2 weeks ago but this did just start happening after the recent patch.
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    Default Re: Can't pick up money

    It affects pets too.

    Also, it seems to be an attribute of the money, not the people. Neither I nor a party-mate were able to pick up a bag of meso that dropped from the boss in a recent pq.

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    Well that then is more troubling (only PQ lately I have been doing is kenta to help some friends get the goggles and I can't do MPQ because of the horrible lag that my chain lightning causes when I attack more than three much so, that it crashes maple). Wonder now if I should post a ticket if it is that much of a problem....though I am leaning to just waiting it out until the next patch seeing as it is only a matter of a few k in mesos lost at any given time.

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    At first I thought it was like an old glitch (client thinks there's money when there's not, you can't pick it up cause the server doesn't know it's there) but if you leave the map and come back, the bags are still there. I've seen it happen a couple times.

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    Was noticing this today in some of my Monster Park runs. Thought it was pretty odd.

  6. Default Re: Can't pick up money

    Happened to me while I was leveling up my new Demon Slayer.

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    Alright, so at least I know my computer did not suddenly get crappy on me and this is a widespread issue. Guess at this point I will wait to see what happens with upcoming patches because obviously it was something nexon did with the lame event (yes, I know many of you were excited, so was I but after having done it, realized that unless you are under level 70 it is completely large waste of time)



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