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  1. Default Best return value for old games? (Trade/Sell/Etc)

    So I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of old video games/consoles I have and also get something back towards a damn 3DS. Originally I was going to trade a bunch of them in, but then I had second thoughts about it after I learned that I'd probably only get like the bare minimum value for everything.

    $10 for an old DS in pretty much pristine condition? Nope.

    I was also thinking about selling them online, but that would involve a ton of waiting as well as shipping/sales fees and stuff that would only earn me barely more than I would have gotten if I just traded.

    So, best method for highest return value for old things GO!

  2. Default Re: Best return value for old games? (Trade/Sell/Etc)

    Craigslist and eBay are definitely options to maximize the amount you could get for them; but can take forever to find a buyer, and you might end up involved in a scam.

    I personally use for trade-ins since if you can sell either 10 games, a console and 5 games, or two consoles in a single transaction, they'll give you a free shipping label. Be sure to package it yourself though, as I learned that the hard way. What I like about them is that they factor the condition and completeness into the price. If you held onto your box and/or instructions, you are rewarded as such. Now, this also raises the purchase prices a little bit, but seeing as they give me on average 3x what game-stop does; that difference is minute.

    The one thing to keep track of if you do use them though. They are entirely trade-in supplied except for the very new titles that they stock. Before you make a trade-in order, make absolutely sure that they have what you want to buy in stock, or you could end up waiting for a while. If you want to cash out on your trade-in value, you also have to take what I believe is a 30% cut (making it 70%); so only trade-in what you can spend. I've only done 2 trades with them, but the total value between them is just under $1000, so I have a fair bit of trust with them.



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