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  1. Default Marksmanships Accuracy?

    After resetting my SP for my bowmaster a few times I watched my stat screen while i added points into marksmanship... Accuracy does NOT increase. Is the accuracy on this skill working in a different way than what you'd think? Sort of like how Evasion Boost works but... involving miss chances etc?

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    That's cute.

    You're holding on to what little you have left of your dignity for accuracy. It's okay man. It will get better.

  3. Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    Does accuracy even have a point in EXISTING anymore? It's a worthless stat.

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    I just have this hope... that it'll maybe... make misses... less.. what ever... its pointless I KNOW... but it just bugs me that it doesn't do a direct increase.. :c

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    BMs have the best skill for character deck in the world. %accuracy here we go!

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    Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    Funny, because all replies so far are not answering what he asked.

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    Perhaps a glitch that will never warrant enough attention to be fixed.

  8. Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    And neither are you. Congratulations.

    Whether it's a display glitch or whatever, why does it matter? As stated multiple times already, Accuracy is a useless stat.

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    It's not like it's even something we can TEST for. Unless you magically reset all your AP & SP, get naked, attack PB counting misses, then re-max Marksmanship, recount misses on PB, and then go back to business as usual (reassigning the rest of your AP/SP).

    Not even sure THAT would work since you pick up a few hundred accuracy between Archer Mastery (1st job), Bow Mastery (2nd job), Physical Training (2nd job), and Will of the Alliance (Beginner) before you can even put a single point in MMS.

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    let's take the accuracy stat

    and push it out of maplestory

    or alternatively let's stop shanking bowmasters in the back Q_Q

  11. Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    uh you guys think it could be like a direct +% increase in hit rate. Like if your lvl 175 and you attack PB which is lvl 180. you normally have a hit rate of 90%. so with the skill max it makes it 100%. or 90.9%. depending on if/how it works.

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    This might blow your mind but what if it's glitched? I know, scary. Can you imagine a skill being glitched?

  13. Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    WHAT!!! A MAPLESTORY SKILL IS GLITCHED? My mind has not been blown its been obliterated.

  14. Default Re: Marksmanships Accuracy?

    It's working perfectly fine, just like mounts not causing lag.

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    lolaccuracy. Who needs accuracy when you hit everything 100% of the time when they equal to your level? Hell I could still train at jesters at level 50 just because Nexon invented skills that hit like 4 times per attack. They should just completely remove the stat from teh game considering it hasn't had an effect since Pre-Big Bang era. What would it do if it did work? Increase the accuracy on one of the classes that has one of the highest (if not THE highest) accuracy in the game?



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