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  1. Default Where is Sharyl?

    I have to do a quest from him to get the Level 60 Empathy medal.
    I know he's in Nautilus but I've looked everywhere and he is no where to be found... or maybe I'm just blind.

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    Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    Did you check the generator room? I'm not really sure about NPC placement in Nautilus, but I think I remember him being in there.

  3. Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    I checked every portal inside the ship and out; nothing.

  4. Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    I think he got moved outside of the Nautilus, try entering his name in the World Map search function.

  5. Sassy Stranger Male
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    Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    He's been moved to "Beach : Shallow Sea", 5 maps away from the Nautilus.

    Several other NPCs have been moved outside as well.

  6. Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    This, he is close to Florina Beach now.

  7. Default Re: Where is Sharyl?

    Ah, found him. Thanks guys.



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