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  1. Default Mexico against PRI

    Election day in Mexico is July 1st.

    The four presidential candidates are:
    - PRI/PVEM: Enrique Peña Nieto "EPN"
    - PAN: Josefina Vasquez Mota "JVM"
    - PRD/PT/Movimiento Ciudadano: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador "AMLO"
    - PANAL: Gabriel Quadri

    Nationwide march against the PRI party & Televisa is taking place today. The PRI was known for its repression and political corruption. Televisa is the largest media company in Mexico and misinform in order to benefit PRI while in exchange they receive laws that gives them more power in the media. Televisa claims that there are around 10,000 people in the march against EPN, CNN Mexico says it's 46,000.

    * Overview of the situtation in Mexico:,5963574.story
    News article

    All of this is just one gigantic mess caused by the lies of the PRI and the intention to misinform by Televisa. There have been so many things happening recently in Mexico, it's just incredible to see how the main media keeps lying despite the amount of videos shared in social networks.

    Thank you, Internet.
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  2. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Mexico Wakes Up, AntiEPN Rally:

    "All images and sounds used in this video were recorded on May 19, 2012 in Mexico City. This was a public rally, not affiliated to any political party."

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Things are getting uglier and uglier...

    The lies of PRI + the actions of AMLO + the PAN and their s**t.

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I was really looking forward the debate, but just watching the first 10 minutes makes me realize we still living in the 1960's where it's more important making the other candidates look bad so they don't win instead of showing proposals, work plans and projects to sympathize with the people.
    If there was one way so NONE of the parties win, I would vote for that.

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I wonder if it'll become the next Putin hate rally.

  6. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I haven't seen AMLO do anything bad yet. He's in the lead and I hope they don't scam him like they did 6 years ago, in favor of FeCal.
    Best vote right now is to pick the least worse.

    Here's more info on the situation:,5963574.story

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Please don't tell me you actually supported his whole "I'm the legitimate president of the country" bs.

    AMLO sended to the march his own supporters for his own personal gain, and has lately threaten to repeat what he did 6 years ago if he doesn't win. And don't make me start on his proposals on education....

    Please do explain the "scam" you are talking about. If it's what I think it is.... I just hope you don't believe it.

    My vote will go to the one who stops AMLO from winning. That guy and his plans are bad news to everyone. And of course, I don't have the freedom to vote for a good candidate, since there is none...

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Since when did politicians not do this?

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    His proposals are way too radical and I doubt the economic stability of the country can sustain that. Bue yes, he looks like the more decent. Still wouldn't vote for him.
    I have that in mind, some people even made a site about it:
    El Menos Peor

  10. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I think he's the best choice. The PRI screwed us all for 70 years, the PAN started this imaginary war against drug cartels that made everything worse, give this guy a chance. Got started on his proposals on education, removing Esther Gordillo from it is a great start.

    Yes, I believe it was a scam. Just take a look at the documentary "Fraude: Mexico 2006", you can skip the AMLO parts of it, just look at where they're reviewing the votes and how the PAN refuses to open the packets and individually count each vote and how the packets were violated when they go an get them.

    Just look at this nullified vote and look at the face of the guy that has the final decision, his expression says it all:

    No mames.

  11. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    More protests happening right now. Against Televisa, PRI and EPN.

    Stream from Mexico City:

    Stream from Monterrey:

    Image from Puebla:

  12. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    ITT we complain about a country we don't live in anymore.

  13. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I might live in Mexico anymore, thanks to the drug cartels, but I can still vote and I still have a lot of family and friends that live just across the border.

    In other news, The Guardian (UK), reports on Televisa favoring Peña Nieto.

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Open letter from a student to all those AMLO zealots
    Los otros diez mil

  15. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    The problem is that a null vote does nothing in Mexico, it's the same as not voting. It should do something, it should mean "Hey, we don't like the people that are running to become President, do something government." Not everyone is pure and honest, but in these elections, like I've said before, we're stuck picking the least worst.

    The hate towards EPN is mostly because of what he represents, he represents the PRI. The PRI is known as the most corrupted political party in Mexico. Of course some are desperate into voting for AMLO, they don't want the PRI to return and the PAN has been exposed as being allied to the PRI in multiple instances. I mean, just a couple of days ago ex-President Vicente Fox (PAN) encouraged people to vote for the leader in (skewed by the media) polls, which in most cases is EPN. Unless he meant AMLO, which many believe he's the true leader.

    What I don't understand is why are they so hellbent on making AMLO look bad through other means? Just look at this:

    I mean, it's one thing to show negative stuff about him in news and defame him in spots. But seriously, devising a plan so that throughout the network (television, newspapers, radio, etc) to make him look like a bad guy, is taking it way, way, way too far. What are they afraid of if he becomes President? Why are big name companies defending EPN so much? What else are they hiding?

    Honestly, this pomegranate is incredibly messed up. But I'd rather take my chances with a supposed crazy old man than repeating the same old story.

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    Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    I know that at the very last I'm gonna end voting for AMLO, the only thing that I really want is that if he wins and then it fails and everything turns to pomegranate I hope the people unites once again just like they are doing at this very instance to make him drop out.

  17. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    Of course, we have to pressure him into doing his job right, he seems like the most reasonable/flexible person of the bunch. He has a proposal in which citizens will be given the option of revoking the President’s mandate every two years.

  18. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    No entiendo por que la gente cree que amlo es diferente a los demas, todos los politicos son iguales, solo velan por sus intereses, acaso no han visto las fotos de su hijo mayor y la vida que se da? Su slogan deberia ser "Primero los mis hijos". Tambien ese odio por las televisoras que tiene no les recuerda a alguien? Chavez empezo igual y que fue lo que hizo cuando llego al poder? Censurar todo y apropiarse de ellas para que no hablen mal de el.

    Aparte de esto me parece estupido que los que no viven aqui puedan votar, cual es el punto? si ganan los pendejos por los que votan y nos lleva la chingada a poco se van a regresar aca para sufrir las consecuencias de sus pendejadas?...

    Esos disque estudiantes de la ibero que?, si se lleva la chingada a Mexico como son riquillos sus papis se los van a llevar lejos de aqui y que a los pobres nos lleve la chingada, a ellos que les importa, lo unico que les importa es andar en el desmadre.

  19. Default Re: Mexico against PRI

    "Why try something different if we're screwed anyway"?
    It's not just about that you're screwed but to what extent they're f'ucking with you... but I have no clue about mexican politics, feel free to ignore this.



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