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  1. Default Updating laptop graphics cards?

    I was thinking of getting a new graphics card for my laptop to play Guild Wars 2 because my current card can't handle it. Can it be done? How much does it cost?

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    If your card is integrated, that's a no-go. Finding Mobile chips is also kind of difficult anyway.

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    Pretty much what Locked said.

    I am kinda in a similar situation and I found upgrading my laptop's video card would be more trouble than its worth.
    However, depending on how much you are willing to spend, using this might be an option.
    ViDock external video card dock.

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    I thought I heard that GW2 can run on a toaster...

    Must have been wrong ;3

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    Default Re: Updating laptop graphics cards?

    with most laptops the graphics card is intergrated, and most that don't have intergrated ( soldered onto the motherboard ) gfx cards don't have it in an easily accessable place meaning you'll essentially have to dissesemble your entire laptop to get there, my gf's dad repairs laptops proffessionaly and still occasionaly rips a cord (trying to fix my old HP laptop the track pad cable got ripped ). it's not worth it. if you do have an easily accessable gfx card bay on the laptop then by all means good luck finding a store that sells them.



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