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    IDK where to put this, but I figure general gaming should be a pretty good place to start.

    If you're like me and like to vary your gaming, I like to play card games and board games of all sorts. I've recently learned to play Settlers of Catan and have thoroughly enjoyed the card game, Bang! (my favorite game that I've played in college so far). I'm looking to expand my library beyond the traditional Monopoly, Battleship, cranium, apples-to-apples, etc. Any recommendations?

    I've heard Dominion was a good game to play with people too. Open to all sorts of whacky and interesting titles so long as they're fun to play

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    Does Jenga counts?
    Speaking of card games, last time I went to Argentina some guys tried to teach me a game mode they call "Truco"...
    Damn it was hard to understand, so many rules, so many tricks... my respect to argies for that game.

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    Me and my friends had fun with Quelf years ago! I miss that game, but it takes a LOT of energy for someone like me to play a game like that :/

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    Not sure if it counts as a board game, but: MUNCHKIN, SO MUCH MUNCHKIN, SO MUCH FUN.

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    I guess the point of the thread was the "games you have to play in person and not utilizing technology like in the old days before computers were the pomegranate" So I suppose anything goes :D

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    I just bought Dominion this past Christmas (and subsequently purchased two of the expansions) and it is definitely a fun game to play. The amount of different variations even with just the original cards is so large that you will almost never end up playing exactly the same game.

    Another game I would recommend is Carcasonne. While it is a very fun game even with 3-4 players it might be the only game I've played where it's more enjoyable with 2 people than it is with more so if you find yourself with just one other person a lot of times you should definitely pick this up.

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    Parcheesi! My childhood consisted of quite a lot of Parcheesi, and people like to make up their own rules with it and such (ex: roll a 6 to start first, instead of the highest roll).

    And... Sarah would hate this game because it's full of memes, but:

    The silliest online board game I have ever played. And it's FUN to play, especially with maxed out players (I THINK 5 people is max).

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    OooOoo When I get some spendable monies, i think it's time for me to get me a new game :3 No one I know has Dominion, so i think it's time to play >:)



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