I'm bored a lot and I know a few people here on SP probably still enjoy terraria from time to time
so I was wondering if anyone felt like using my PVP arena for a match against eachother.
I highly suggest going on skype so its easier to talk about your own rules and whatnot.

I would probably join myself but i'm not sure since i'm pretty much mic shy I guess.
I can either host it myself and leave it online all day (No hamachi needed ofcourse).
Or I can just upload my map somewhere so you can use it yourself.

If you do decide to try it out feel free to give me suggestions on what to improve or if
you have any questions feel free to do so.

I'll show a small screenshot of what it looks like.
Also, I made everything by hand meaning i collected everything you see in there myself.
No tools were used.

I did however dupe all the accesories/items to make it equal for each player since the items
can have different stats wich would be unfair.



Extra information:
I made several things in my arena to make it more interesting.
For example there are heart statues spread over the arena where you can try to recover if you have enough time.
There are a few different biomes including underground grass/jungle/underwater/complete darkness and more.

There are also a few mechanics in there that could help you or kill you. use them wisely to trick the others.
If you modify the world well, rather not but if it gets out of hand I still have a back-up obviously.

A lot of items + hallow armor is already in a chest + information for use.
You can always bring your own weapons and make your own rules with the others if you really want to.

Have fun. (I hope).


I will give out my IP in this thread once someone posted in here or upload my world upon request.