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  1. Default E3 2012 discussion with Wii U information.

    Three weeks to go. I'll post times and date for specific conferences as they are revealed.

    As usual, let's prepare for the show by discussing what we're looking forward to and what we hope to hear about.

    The two things I'm most hopeful for this year are both from Nintendo: it's about time we hear some news on Paper Mario 3D, and I'm really hoping that they'll announced Golden Sun 4 this year. It's been two years so it's not unlikely, as that is a reasonable time to push out a new handheld game.

    Edit: Oh and I hope Monster Hunter 3G is announced for the west!

    Beyond that, I'm looking forward to more information on Luigi's Mansion 2.

    I said this last year and was very wrong but I think Nintendo will steal the show again this year like they did in 2010. And it will happen entirely in spite of the Wii U, hah.

    What are you guys looking forward to?

  2. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I'd like to see a new Paper Mario from Nintendo as well, and maybe a new Metroid game (NOT made by Team Ninja this time), a Hand-Held Smash Bros game would be neat, and maybe some other Wii U stuff. That's all I really can hope for.

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    Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I want MH3G for the west (it's about time MH3 took 6 months and since 3G will need to have online, if they want to success in america, it should be ready by now...), the Wii U specifications and launch games ( crossing fingers for a decent 3D pokemon game or star fox/metroid....) and if it'll have MMO support as some people say in some Spaniard sites. Oh! and the new game Shigeru Miyamoto is working on (not pikmin 3, it's a total new game).

    From Microsoft I just want to see some of Halo 4 (even tough i'm not fan of FPS I like Halo, screw Call of duty..).

    Nothing else I think.

    In the almost impossible section I'd like Monster hunter frontier online for the west, i'd quit maple story for that....

  4. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Like you, I am hoping for the announcement of a new Golden Sun game.

  5. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I want a teaser for a smash bro's, but very unlikely. not going to happen.

  6. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I want a new Zelda of superior quality, a shiny new final fantasy from squarepeeps (or XIII-3) and a remastering of FF6 to XBOX/PS3 level graphics & cinematics.

    I will get none of these.

  7. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    OMG! I would love a new Golden Sun!

    I am disheartened by Valve saying there will be nothing announced this E3. ;~;

  8. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    this, a gazillion times.

    hell, a remaster of Twilight Princess would make me happy.

  9. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I thought twilight princess looked lovely ;~;

  10. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    This is all I care about.

    Also, localization announcement of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

  11. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Huge Xbox price slash please, since mine just RROD’d on me.

    Microsoft’s conference is always hit or miss and Sony’s usually puts me into a coma. But hopefully there will be some interesting surprises from both of them. So that just leaves Nintendo really. More awesome 3DS games and some new info on the Wii U and I’ll be happy. I’m not looking for any specifics really just hopping to be pleasantly surprised.

  12. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    ere re
    Define superior quality. Personally I want a new 2D zelda on the 3DS. I've had my fill of 3D zeldas for a while, and the last 2D zelda we had was way back when minish cap came out. Even if it was relegated to a download title, I'm sure Grezzo could do a decent job after they ported Ocarina and added all that new content to the remake of 4 swords.

    I'm not convinced on the golden sun front, Camelot have only just finished making Mario Tennis 3DS, I seriously doubt they will have Golden sun 4 to show. Unfortunately, because goddam cliffhangers, I need to know what happens!

    Other than those two,I don't know if there is much that I want. I'm not even sure that Paper mario will be shown. I remain hopeful, since Intelligent systems probably pushed it to the side so they could work on fire emblem, and now can concentrate on paper mario. But unless they scrapped that stupid sticker system, my hopes for the game are pretty low. I wasn't a fan of Mario & Luigi relying on buying items to attack, and I want it as far away from paper mario as possible. The lack of apparent permanent partners didn't look too good either,

    As for what I expect to see: At least one Mario or (less likely) Zelda game for Wii U, maybe metroid at a stretch. I'm guessing the focus is going to really be on Wii U, which I'm not too enthralled about... yet.

  13. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Some news about the new Devil May Cry. I've gotten over the redesign, but it looks like ninja theory turned the combat into their signature "light-normal-heavy" fare and turned devil trigger into a "EVERYTHING DIES NOW" move instead of a buff. But meh.

    News on MGR since PLATINUM MOTHERpineapple'IN GAMES took over development, and the previews and trailers I've seen look absolutely tasty.

    Some news on Vita releases, specifically Gravity Rush and P4G. Also some news on the Soul Hackers 3DS remake.

    Not expecting anything MH related since FUC'KIN CAPCOM.

  14. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    With G4 losing 2 of its giants, I'm not gonna watch it. I'll need someone else to watch. Any suggestions?

  15. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Most RROD's are easily fixed. I have a neighbor who collects them and repairs them. She had like 8 at one point.

  16. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Also, any big PS3 games coming that I should be looking forward to?

  17. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I, too, want to see something about that Monster Hunter game and Paper Mario 3DS. I also want some new info on Animal Crossing 3DS. Definitely want some new gameplay/info/videos about that game The Last of Us. I am so hyped for that pomegranate. And I would really like to know when Sly Cooper 4 is coming out, as far as I know, there isn't a set release date yet.

    Oh, and I doubt it'll happen this early, but I would love some gameplay/info/videos from Dead Space 3.

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    Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    Looking forward to:
    Resident Evil 6 announcements
    Battlefield 3 announcements
    DMC5 announcements

    Not looking forward to:
    New console announcements
    Battlefield 3 premium announcements

  19. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    I asked @Eos last year if I could represent and take a trip to E3. I was going to get a table set up RIIIIIIIGHT next to Nexon.

    I don't remember the outcome.

    Did I even ask you last year? Maybe I was just tossing the idea around in my mind.

  20. Default Re: E3 2012 (June 5th - 7th)

    A new Zelda (Wii U, at least. A 3DS game might be released not too long from now) within the next year or two is very unlikely. lol I can't wait until it happens, though. I am very interested if we'll get more information about that A Link to the Past remake or a game based on A Link to the Past that Miyamoto has been talking about.

    I want to know what Retro Studios is working on (apparently, it's something everyone wants them to work on). I also hope to high heavens for a new Metroid - hopefully one that follows Super Metroid's model, but with 3D (so it'll be on the 3DS, of course). They have a bunch of known planets Samus hasn't been to yet. Let's not use another BSL station or another bottle ship, please. I hope the 3DS Metroid game, if made, won't be a first person one like Metroid Prime : Hunters. Another Metroid Prime quality game would be a godsend, no matter if it's 3DS or Wii U.

    I don't really expect any new information about the next Super Smash Bros. game, either. It's still pretty early.



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