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  1. Default Cannoneer soloing HT?

    After seeing FC's post on soloing HT, I began to wonder about soloing HT on my cannoneer. So, am I able to kill it? If so, should I HT regularly for the EXP? What should I expect during the fight? How much does each body part hit with touch damage and their magic attacks (if using yourself as a reference, please put a rough guess of your defense. If not assume 0 def/m def)? Is HP a problem with 17k+ HP (do not take into account 1/1)? What tactic would I use to optimize my damage on him (i.e barrage on some parts, bazooka the rest)?

    Lv 186
    ~51.5k max range
    71.5% ignore PDR
    10% boss damage

  2. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Bazooka on all parts at all times unless seduce is a problem for you or wep def up occurs with only the heads left.

    You need more boss damage, but you could probably pull it off. Expect deaths if you don't have +invincibility frames.

  3. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Is there usually enough time between seduces to let Hero's Will cool down?

  4. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Lol no not even close.

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    Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?


  6. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    If I were only to use hero's will whenever I'm seduced and 1/1d, would that optimize my chance of actually making it through?

  7. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Heroes will has an MP cost, so good luck using it after you're sed+1/1'd

  8. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Ah forgot about that. Is there a specific animation HT does before it uses 1/1?

  9. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Normally both heads 1/1 with the ice and lightning attacks but i think in the main fight the ice attack is just a normal hit. So just the lightning. It's impossible to predict if you're standing on any of the platforms and if you're seduced immediately after that you're dead.

  10. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    I was seduced twelve times in the span of three minutes

    it was awful
    I didn't die

    make sure to bring wheels, I get clipped by a 1/1 every once in a while and end up not having enough MP to cast will, and I have like.. major dodge rate/avoid %
    the only thing I can really do in that situation is watch my character's position and invincibility frames.

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    Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Mercs ftw we get don't get the full 1/1 :D But i still die cause I don't pay attention lol

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    It may be wise to keep the respawn area free of Wyverns/Cornians too. Even though they can be a lifesaver during seduce it's near impossible to respawn with them crowding up the area, unless you buy Charms of course (or have very high avoidability, obviously).

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    Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    You should be able to kill it within the time limit, but I'm not sure about survivability. You'd probably die a few times (less than 5?) just guessing.

    In main cave, the lightning animation is the 1/1 so you can somewhat conserve your hero's will, but you will pretty much inevitably get 1/1+sed at some point in the run. You may wish to consider switching to +invincibility potential/nebulite for the run which greatly improves survival.

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    Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    something you really want to do, is get the right sed arm down, once that's down you destroy the right head (main cause of 1/1)

    if you manage to pull that, you're pretty much set. the left head does 1/1 too though, but i think only on it's side of the map/lower plat? i remember getting 1/1'd on that side after killing the thunder head.

    if you die on the right-ish side of the map, wait until you have the cornian's attention, ecause your wheels spawn you on the left.

  16. Default Re: Cannoneer soloing HT?

    Try not to kill the cornians, they'll save you from getting 1/1'd while you're seduced. And take out the arms as quickly as possible. Once the arms are dead, there's really no risk of dying. Always pot every time you get hit before that point. If you get seduced and 1/1'd at the same time, pray? Hero's Will really ought not to require MP--that's just bad design.



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