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Thread: Bain weapons

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    Why are the Bain weapons so expensive? My friend and I sell them for 100m+... I don't really get it. Maple weapons have a higher attack and attack speed.

    Is it just a showoff item?

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    Pretty much showoff. It's one of the few things that is still (somewhat) rare.

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    Because they are collectables.
    I collect bain equips and always use my bain pole-arm on my DarkKnight.
    It's the same with certain ITCG items like the Heavenly Messengers I collect.
    I bought some for over 100m aswell.

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    Not many people bother with (or understand) Normal Balrog PQ either, which keeps their prices up.

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    Due to its weird balancing, it's awful on some classes and soloable on others. So not everyone does it. Plus it's pretty unforgiving in terms of DR for such a low level boss.

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    I see. Thanks.



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