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  1. Default Problem With Escape PQ

    I wasn't sure what topic this would belong in, but it seems like a technical problem.

    Anyways, it's a problem with Escape PQ. Whenever I climb the first rope in either jump quest, half the time I crash. No lag, just crash. At first I thought it was a corsair glitch, but it seems other corsairs don't have this problem (from what I've seen). I'm starting to think it might be something with my computer.
    And, from my experience, only my corsair is affected by it. It's been like that since the PQ was released.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Problem With Escape PQ

    Do you have a familiar out on that char when you Escape PQ?

    I know there's a bug with familiars causing DC when you jump on ropes too quickly, it might be that the Escape PQ jump quest ropes are in just such a configuration to cause this DC.

  3. Default Re: Problem With Escape PQ

    Nope. I never use familiars in PQs for that reason.



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