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Thread: Joybirds.

  1. Default Joybirds.

    Where and when do they spawn?

    @Spadow;'s blog(for the 8th KMS anniversary) says they were on a limit, like eregos and the like, but I've no idea if it carried into GMS.

    Also, NexonNA half-assed the changes his blog mentioned went on on day 10.. Well, like quarter-assed.
    Compare here

    Only care about the damn bird though, any help there?

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    I've been hunting two maps north of Ellinia (Chimney Tree: Close to the Birds). They spawn there pretty often.

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Only found it yesterday, at Kiyos (coincidentally or not, a map that eregos used to spawn on). Didn't find them anywhere else in Nihal or Masteria though.

    Checked again today, it wasn't there. Could be limited by hours, as you said.

    Edit: Just went to Close to the Birds, found only the Papparazzi there. You sure it's the Joy Birds, happylight?

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    New bug... is supossed to spawn all day since is global... however I am 6:30 PST and isn't spawning...

  5. Default Re: Joybirds.

    Is there supposed to be a blue notice when it spawns?

  6. Default Re: Joybirds.

    Yes there is a notice when it spawns.

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    Default Re: Joybirds.

    I was told they have spawned in ToT Road of Regrets maps as well.

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    Default Re: Joybirds.

    I can confirm they spawn in Magatia and Mu Lung on various maps.

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    Default Re: Joybirds.

    So far I know it spawns in Memory Lane 1, Road of Regrets 3, Mu Lung Practice Area Easy + Medium. There's a few other places I've seen it, but I can't recall them at the moment.

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    I killed 8 in Oblivion 1 for the event requirements and left.

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    ok, i have confirmed, they do not start spawning until 10am PST, and two more maps are the buzzards in arient and the next to last map before magatia.

  12. Default Re: Joybirds.

    Paparazzi: Garden of 3 Colors in Orbis.
    Joy Bird: Cloud Walking Way 1 (the first map with Nependeaths)

  13. Default Re: Joybirds.

    What joy birds dropped for me:
    40%/100% feather (used to upgrade beryl stuff)
    Untradeable armor for stat 60%
    Untradeable accessory for stat 60%
    Tradeable accessory for hp/mp 30%
    Beryl weapons
    Maple leaves

    100% feather drops a lot more often than 40%
    It doesn't drop armor/accessory for watk/matk

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    I see a lot of Joy Birds in Sky Nest I, I see a lot of Paparazzi in the map to the right of Kerning.

  15. Default Re: Joybirds.

    Which is best to hunt? o.o



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