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  1. Default Fun... or something.

    What are your hobbies?
    How did you start?
    How did you find out you were interested in that?

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    Let's see... video games and drawing should be a given. With video games, if it even counts towards this, it started when I was about 4 years old, when an old buddy of mine, who I'm still great friends with to this day, let me play his SNES and SEGA Genesis. Been hooked ever since, specifically with Nintendo games since that's what we both grew up on.

    Drawing... I seriously (if you can call it serious) started drawing when I was 12 or so. My best friend and I had been really into the cartoons that aired on television, specifically anime and the Powerpuff Girls. We would draw fanart, make up our own characters based on these shows and draw them as well. Obviously I was terrible at it back then but I didn't care. As I grew up, I improved and took improvement a lot more seriously. Sadly, I'm not currently going for any sort of art career right now but I still try to improve in my drawings, in which there is still a LOT of room for.

    I still have all of that terrible fanart I did too...

    That's all I got.

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    Gaming for sure.

    When I was about 3 or 4 I would play Pacman/Q*bert on our Atari, and when we had Mario Bros. 1/3 and Duck Hunt? Oh mang, it was on from there. I've played just about anything I could ever since then, and have owned most consoles. Then about 6years ago I started playing MMOs.

    I'm also interested in Let's Plays, and considering trying it out for myself. It looks like fun so I want to give it a shot.

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    Omok, my friend babiierika got me into a long time ago. I was terrible and I bruteforced my skill.

    Bowling, I always liked it but my high school group wasn't into it. My girlfriend is a big bowler though so..been practicing every friday.

    Shooting, ya know growing up in the just see things.. okay jking. My best friend is big on guns and he got me into shooting. Although I don't own a gun yet.

    Think that's it.

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    Surfing - mom's former fiancée and good friend of mine took me surfing daily before school. Just recently getting back into it after two years or so.

    Weight-lifting/Callisthenics - the Callisthenics started at a young age when I started gymnastics. I competed for about ten years until I suffered an injury that kept me from walking for six months and never did pick it back up. Now I want that same strength and ability to do pomegranate that I used to do. Weight-lifting my best friend Yanni basically said "Cool story bro losing all that weight. Now go put on the muscle and lose body fat."

    Running - hated it for the longest time. Now it's one of my greatest friends and an awesome way to clear your head.

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    Reading: I used to hate reading but after forcing myself trough a few books i started loving it and i still do, it's nice and relaxing and just allows me to calm down and forget the world.

    Gaming: I love playing games, always did and always will, i do not remember when it started but i just love playing games so much. It's my biggest hobby and it's just so much entertainment for me, be it RTS games, FPS or RPG i love it all.

    Watching DotA and SC2: I started watching some DotA and SC2 competitive matches 1½-2 years ago and since then i've just loved it. A good caster and fun players ensures that it's quality entertainment.

    I've been thinking of getting into LPs and i have tried, but due to nowhere near enough time and uploading/rendering taking too much time it's something i've put on hold. I might want to try just streaming instead, but i am not in the mood to drop money on xsplit and i have no idea of what other easy programs there are to use. No matter where i look it's xsplit, xsplit, xsplit.

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    I don't believe Livestream forces you to use Xsplit? It didn't used to for me, anyway.

    People have mentioned it... I've been wanting to be an LPer for a while myself, but I lack the equipment to record console games. I may give it a shot when I do. LPers such as ProtonJon, NintendoCaprisun, SuperJeenius, Raocow and Chuggaaconroy make it REALLY fun... and I know of no good female LPers! I only know of Lucahjin at the moment but she's full of immature humor, and I just don't find it funny. :I
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    I meant that everybody recommends using xsplit as a streaming software and the alternatives are annoyingly complicated or eat up a lot of computer power.

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    ... Sad truth, that is.

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    Just being outside. Exploring the woods as a kid were some of the best experiences I've had in my life and continue to be to this day.

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    What are your hobbies?


    How did you find out you were interested in that? How did you start?




    Basically I'm in the process of turning my favourite hobbies into my dream job! Animation/Fashion/Illustration!

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    I would say gaming, reading, traveling and walking, yes walking.

    I love gaming ever since I had my first computer when I was around... 4? I was born with a keyboard under my arm my dad says. I didn't get into consoles until I was pretty grown up, like... 10? When my cousin got his first PlayStation. Then eventually I got a PS2 and a PSP. Handheld gaming changed my life, because I'm almost never at home, so now I play on the go and it's almost impossible to get me to play a home console.

    Reading. That is all. I'm always reading a book. When I finish a book, I start with another one, then another one and so on so forth. Lately I've been reading Haruki Murakami, re-reading some Tolkien, etc. Fun stuff. Also excellent time killer.

    Traveling, I travel whenever I can. Well, it's pretty much vox populi, seeing that I was super vocal about it, that my last trip was to the States for a couple months. FUN STUFF! Meeting random strangers and cool foreign people is awesome.

    And last but not least, walking. I love walking! I try to walk everywhere I can. I take the bus everyday and walk half an hour to college, then back, then bus again home then 20 minutes walk.

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    Biking, and recently DDR.

    I learned how to bike pretty late in my life and I've found it to be really fun, so I go around when I can. DDR I picked up literally a week ago after my friends and I played for fun at an arcade. I think I'm progressing pretty fast; I went from barely being able to clear the easiest song on DDRMax on Standard from being able to at least get a D on Paranoia and Matsuri Japan, two of the harder songs, in a week. I'm gonna keep working my way up and hopefully be able to go full douche at arcades.

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    This is not really a hobby, but more of a passion that I have : Microbiology. I became interested in the 6th-7th grade when I bought a textbook on the subject and started reading. I used to collect pond water samples and look at them under my microscope. I can't wait until the microbiology/immunology block in school, and I plan to become an infectious diseases specialist after I finish.

    I also enjoy weightlifting and tennis.

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    I only have one hobby: reading.

    Mom used to read to me every night before going to sleep and once I started to learn mom and my aunt gave me books whenever they could.
    I really enjoy doing so but I don't read a book after another. It takes me some time to get over the fact that the book I was reading is over... unless it wasn't that touching for me, if that's the case I get to move on to something else. I finished reading a book last night, before writing the OP, and I can't think of starting with anything else yet...
    Also, there's something I did with my favorite book ever: since I didn't want it to be over I read the first part (or about the half) about 7 times. Eventually, I finished the second part...

    I'd say videogames are kind of a hobby, except I can only play one at a time for a long period.
    When I used to play MS, I played for about 2 years without ever playing any other game or taking breaks from it. Overall, on and off, I played for over 3 years (or so) without ever trying a different game. I tried WoW last year or maybe the year before that and got bored after a while. It's the same with my old GBA games, played one at a time for a long period, quit and move on to something else. It takes me quite a lot of time to find a game I think it might be interesting, so even after getting bored of a game, it takes time to play something different. I guess, it doesn't feel that much like a hobby.
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    My hobbies would be gaming, playing the guitar and cycling I guess. I've been playing various video games since I was a kid and have always enjoyed them and never really stopped. I only have a Wii and a laptop now though so I don't have that many any more. Pokemon games are still really fun for me but when a friend brought Skyrim to my house we played that pretty much non stop for about 9 hours. I should probably invest in a PS3 or XBox or something.

    I started playing the guitar about 2 years ago, was getting bored of MapleStory and decided I should find a better hobby so I found a black market website and sold all my equips and items and bought an electric guitar. Spent pretty much the entire summer teaching myself to play it and then started getting lessons in November or so. My parents bought me an acoustic guitar for Christmas and I've been playing it literally every day since. I still don't consider myself very good but I'm getting better. I'd love to join/form a band some day. Recently I've been looking into recording/editing software and trying to write my own songs but it's ridiculously confusing and I'm not getting very far. Time will tell I guess.

    I didn't learn to drive yet and I like to be able to get to places without having to rely on public transport if possible so I cycle quite a lot. Now that the weather is getting nice I've been riding around and appreciating England not raining which has been pretty enjoyable.

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    Hard to say really.. I guess I would say my hobbies are gaming and snowboarding, as I don't skateboard as much as I used to.

    Started snowboarding around the age of 10. The first time out on the hill I had such a horrible time. My friends had gotten fed up with trying to teach me, so I just went at it on my own, continuously faceplanting into the cold powder. But now that I look back and think about it, that was probably the best way to teach me really. I wouldn't call myself a good snowboarder, as I can't do all the crazy pomegranate you see on TV. But I can maneuver the pomegranate out of any tight run. I do tricks too but, I really don't like to. To me, snowboarding is about doing things that make you happy, and I'm happiest with making huge S carves down a steep powder bowl, as opposed to some triple cork.

    As for gaming, I've been at it since I was 2. My parents sat me down on that old MS-DOS computer where I would play "educational" games to please them. Little did they know, I was playing Dino Park or whatever that pomegranate was called. Ever since then they couldn't get me off of this damned contraption, and I've only grown closer to it. Built my own machine last year, and holy butt, I love putting these things together now. Now I have another build in the near future for a friend of mine. I'm eagerly awaiting when the parts arrive. It'll be a good chance to work on my wire management.

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    Default Re: Fun... or something.

    Swimming - started 7 years ago in fourth grade. Competitively, like 5-6 years ago.
    Drawing - started 11 years ago, when I was 5.
    I love to read, I always have, but I've been doing less of it because gaming and school have cut down on time I have for reading, but I still do pick up books every now and then.

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    Hm, I tend to jump around on things.

    Drawing, I really like to go draw when I get a random spur of inspiration and just want to be creative. I used to be really bad at it, and had no confidence but once I hit high school and took some classes I was really pumped to do it. I'm always criticising my work, and not very fond of a lot of it immediately, but I find the actual process to be what I like most about it.

    Exploring is also something I reallllllly love to do. I don't do it too often around here because it's all suburbs, but I like to go around and see what's new what hasn't been seen. When I play minecraft all I tend to do is just run around and look at new terrain. It's just fun to see new things, for me at least.

    And of course I love to play games, what else would my life be without them?



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