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Thread: Nebulite Gach

  1. Default Nebulite Gach

    So has anyone invested heavily in the new gach yet?
    I kind of want to get an idea of the rates before I spend anything on it.
    If enough people post, maybe this could be like the nebulite box D/C/B rank rate thread, and we can collect some data.

  2. Won't Be Coming Back Straight Male

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    Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    from that video, it looks like you need a whole lot to get something even half decent but better then nebulite cubes.

  3. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    Seems like the rate is around 1 in 20 for an a rank, and it's nice that you can fuse Bs for a chance at A.
    This system doesn't seem so bad.

    IGN: Overburnd
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    Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    >Luck% neb and a skill neb

    At first i was like

    >Fused them into no As at all

    Then i was like

  5. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    What's next, an NLC potion Gacha? Christ Jesus.

  6. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    Never again.

  7. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    Yuck.. looks like a horrible rate of getting decent ones.
    Good thing I opened those boxes when there were plenty around.

  8. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    I believe there's a two A-Ranked neb limit per day per character.

    I just did a 70 ticket run.

    2 a-ranks, 3 fusion tickets

    didn't see a single ticket until after I had gotten my a-ranks

    and both a-ranks were obtained within the first twenty tickets.

  9. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    S> 3000 nebulite boxes. "Why pay nx for pomegranate, when i sell the same pomegranate for cheap?"

  10. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    my 1000 don't have an expiration date either, whoppee!

  11. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    Are new boxes dropping at all? I don't think I got a single one in 3 hours of x2 training at time temple.

  12. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    i used one and i got a ticket.

    ... looking at this i really don't want to do this myself anymore
    this pomegranate sucks.

  13. Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    70 tickets
    3 crap A rank
    6 B rank
    Rest C and D
    Fused the A's, still got crap(magic def and the like), then fused the last A with a B and got back another B.
    I don't like this :(
    Also, like some other people said, all 3 of my a ranks were in the first 40 or so tickets, with none after that.

  14. Water

    IGN: MysticHLE
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    Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    Rule of thumb: never fuse a higher grade with a lower grade in hopes of getting the higher grade.

  15. Proton Female

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    Level: 200
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    Default Re: Nebulite Gach

    When I first heard about it I knew it was gonna suck. Now I'm for sure not gonna do it.



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