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  1. Default How happy are you?

    I was reading an article written by a londoner moving to denmark, about how and why us danes are apparently still the happiest country in the world, and it really got me wondering.

    How happy are the members of southperry with their countries? What do you like/dislike about it?
    And what does it mean to you to be a part of your country?

    I am personally really happy, i love being a dane and i love our history as a country.
    The few things i dislike about being a dane are really minor things, like the problems some immigrants create(The few that refuse to become a part of the society, and by that i don't mean not wanting to do everything danish but directly abuse our welfare and so on.)
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  2. Default Re: How happy are you?


    Actually where I live isn't so bad. I live in Wisconsin (cheeze beer brats hurp) But we have a suprisingly low crime rate (Around here mind you, i know Milwaukee has it alot worse) and the scenery is really nice. Lotsa things to do, places to see, and everyone's generally a nice person. This is all weird when compared to me when all I do is stay inside and pineapple about on the computer. Oh well. Still could be alot worse.

  3. Default Re: How happy are you?

    First of all I love being British, we have an interesting sense of humour sometimes rather dark. I love our food! FISH AND CHIPS -fangirling- Our music! yes adele is ours <3 and the majority of our culture..

    However we have a lot of jack arses which in turn does give me shame to be British. Look at the London riots last year.. That's what i mean. people who never contribute to society and take everything!

  4. Default Re: How happy are you?

    At the moment, I guess I could consider myself unhappy. But, I'm working on it and things could be a lot worse than they are.

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    US of A has plenty of problems, but quite frankly, there's a lot worse places to live.

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    Tacos and Piņatas.
    Guess how happy I am

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    I envy you!

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    I'm pretty happy myself right now.

    As far as my country goes.. well, I like it here, but things could be a lot better. It's unsafe sometimes... Things are expensive and we have an awful inflation of prices, but oh well, people most of the time make up for it. Stress in most of the time.

  9. Default Re: How happy are you?

    Not happy. Has little to do with the UK though, the feasible opportunities here are numerous. I dislike cynicism, but it appears to be common.

  10. Default Re: How happy are you?

    Why I am very happy to be in Cambridge, UK:
    It's beautiful, fairly peaceful, and I like the people. Very good cultural mix. In terms of practicalities, it's still affordable. Best of all, this is where I'm getting my education and my degree, right now.
    Why I am not so happy with Cambridge, UK:
    It's not that clean (c.f. Singapore, I like things to be spick and span), and food is expensive (the average eat-out is more expensive than London!). And being a Singaporean, life is all about FOOD FOOD FOOD. >.< And oh... I don't like it when people party SO MUCH in both houses next to me when I'm trying to study or sleep. Also, many seem to be unable to remember to take back their mess when they leave the kitchen (or ANYWHERE, but might just be my bad luck... though says a bit about the upbringing of the people around me...).
    Major issue with people in the UK: They don't work quite hard enough on a day-to-day basis. BUT they DO do their jobs, and at least look like they're putting their heart to it (I've not been to the whole UK so can only say for Camb).

    Why I am very happy with Singapore:
    FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD! Loads of variety, and all in good quality. For the security and peace, I'm willing to live with that little bit less freedom. I love the slangs and the Singlish, and I love my friends.
    Why I am not happy with Singapore:
    It's getting more and more expensive. A flat can cost S$500k (250k pounds, or somewhere around 300-400k USD), and that's a 3-room FLAT. A terrace house (as in a proper private house) costs around S$1M to nearly S$2.5M (500k to over 1M quid, or 600+k - 1.8+M USD). A car needs... ._. I can live without a car, but I can't live without a house...
    Kind of hard to start a research lab too, in a decade's time, since there's only so much space in Singapore.


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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    I like England for it's unique and interesting history, i like our accents and i like how other people like our accents.
    I like to laugh about the stereotype of Tea and Crumpets (which i'm a fan of, honestly)
    I like how culturally diverse we are (even if the people i've grown up around don't agree)
    I like how we aren't too extreme, we are a tolerant culture who have a good sense of humour and are more likely to be tolerant of controversial matters (such as gay marriage)
    I like our films, and i like how English actors are shown in hollywood.
    I like our countrysides and our unique customs and traditions, even if i don't have any traditions myself

    Of course there are things i don't like... but overall, i do like my country,i'm incredibly lucky and i'm incredibly grateful to have been born here into a loving family with enough money to not be poor. and not born into poverty or disease or a place with too extreme political views (like Arizona).

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    I am not content living with mediocrity but for now, while I'm in school, I deal with it.

    As for happiness, it comes and goes. If I'm not happy, I do something about it to change it so I am happy.
    I really don't think it has too much to do with the US, but I'd be open to living elsewhere.

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    Personally, I'm pretty happy right now. I've changed a lot since high school just three years ago, coming into a "self-awakening" as I call it, which has led me to get to know myself and my relation to my world so much better than I thought possible, and currently have a great social life and am on the path towards future endeavors I couldn't be happier with.

    But in answering the OT question of happiness with one's nation, I'd say I'm not very happy at all (this will come as a massive surprise to all of you #sarcasm). I feel like the United States is at a breaking point, with the outcomes resulting in one of two directions: progress backwards or forwards. While the rest of industrialized world moves forward, albeit not perfectly (severe Grecian economic problems, sharp critiques of French racism), I feel the United States is within a quickly closing window of opportunity to retain its global position and move forward with everyone else. Sadly, I'm increasingly concerned we won't make it through this window, and the nation will fall away from what will ultimately be called its "golden age" of the second half of the 20th century, in indefinite decline. These concerns are elevated by national opinions and policies of resistance and refusal towards certain issues (including, but not limited to universal health care, full equality for women/people of color/LGBTQ, crumbling infrastructure, failing educational institutions, rapidly declining research/science/innovation fields), where it feels like our nation would like to live nostalgically in the United States that was the global power of the 1950s and 60s.

    Long story short, the United States is so resistant to change that its been going backwards over the past couple of years, and I'm afraid if widespread evolution of thoughts, ideas, and opinions, resulting in concerted action, don't occur soon, this country is doomed. The rest of the world isn't going to wait for America to get its pomegranate together.

  14. Default Re: How happy are you?

    Funny thing about that, my dad works with telecommunications at a national level. NATO is pretty much about to kick us out because we are so difficult to work with.

    As for happy, at a personal level I'm pretty happy, stressed about a bunch of things, but happy about where I'm at right now. Country wise? Dissapointment is the nicest way to put it.

  15. Default Re: How happy are you?

    I'm well fed and I pretty much have the time to do whatever I want. So...7 maybe?

  16. Default Re: How happy are you?

    Damn, I don't have money, never had a girlfriend and mediocre at best in my studies and I still rate myself a 3.5.

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    So is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

    On Topic: I live in Israel. It would be perfect, if it weren't for the neighbors...

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    Default Re: How happy are you?

    I live in California and sometimes, I have to deal with the the retards and slow traffic. I'm not happy with this country going back to mexico to vist my grandma. At least there I can get a job high paying job in a freaking Tourist place. -_- At least I can vote for president in both america and mexico. Oh yes although for the one in mexico i just pick the guy who's likely to win, since it's corrupt. blah blah I'm not happy



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