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  1. Default Make other stats useful?

    I've wondered for some time why Maplestory is configured to push characters to maximize their primary stat and leave the rest to atrophy. It seems that it would add a bit more role playing to the RPG (and perhaps hamstring character damage inflation) if there was a value to putting points in stats other than the main.

    It would certainly make the coding for damage/skills more complicated, but I would like to see the effectiveness of skills tied to certain stats. It would make a character build more challenging if certain skills, for example, required a base value (or better yet a base value as a percentage of level) in a secondary stat in order to use them, or if the effectiveness of the skill increased the more of a stat was put into it. Since almost all of my experience is with archer based characters, I'd point at the various mastery skills and Concentrate and say those require intelligence as well as dexterity. Why not make have their effect magnified by the INT stat? Why not have things like Evasion Boost or Mortal Blow (which give an increased chance of a positive event) more dependent on a LUK multiplier? Doesn't it make sense that that Piercing Arrow (which gains damage as it goes through mobs) must have some dependence on strength?

    If you wanted to go all out, the effectiveness of certain skills could even be based on things like DEF, Speed or Avoid.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a game that's based on realism. But such a change might open the door to more specialized builds, or at least having to think more about what skills will be used since it won't merely be a question of allocating SP but also having the stats to support it. As a secondary thought, it would also increase the value of a number of items that are less than useful now. Right now, pretty much any item that doesn't give a main stat boost, boss% or PDR% is not really desirable. But adjusting the system to increase the value of non-main stats would increase the usefulness of any item that confers a boost to those stats.

  2. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Make accuracy pineappleing useful or just remove it. It LITERALLY does nothing anymore. Its like the hands that doesnt exist anymore.

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    Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Some stats (like accuracy) are currently useless for everyone. But I think the primary+secondary stat system is not bad, and it would get too complicated otherwise, like you've said. And we know what Nexon does when things get too complicated...hides.

  4. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    What, nobody else is considering making a Phantom with some INT so heal is useful?

    That may be the one skill that is stat-dependent rather than damage range dependent (if governed by a stat at all).

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    Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    I always thought Hands give you better crafting items and scrolling (on the old Craft system).

  6. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    IT did, But it got replaced in the new system. What I ment was it's nonexistant now.

  7. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Isn't Heal based purely on damage range now? I was under the impression it was at least.

    When you get into the ridiculously overfunded territory, you get a lot of extra stats essentially for free. You can get both defences, avoidability and lolaccuracy capped without necessarily trying to raise those stats. Hell, I have almost 400 INT on my Shadower thanks to lots of all stat potential, but I would like to see other stats be more useful. It seems like a waste that the only use for anything apart from a main stat is just to equip certain items.

  8. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    To be fair, DEX and STR do affect your damage to some small extent as a Shadower.

  9. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Secondary stats aren't even a challenge or require crazy funding now =/. I'm wearing 4 piece 140s (no cape or weapon) right now & stat-less base. I don't have anything really "high tier" that contributes to secondary stat, just basic stuff like HTP, 3x Evo Rings, only 7% all stat, just fairly common stuff. No dual pendant, 40/70 stat CHTP, Dom Pend, none of that, not even CS link or buff, and considering I'm a BaM, no +30 luk from High Wisdom.

    Have to wonder.. how things would be if they made all 4 stats significantly useful to all jobs, but only 2 of them especially useful to certain jobs, introduced attack and cast speed percents. Make equips require base stat instead of total?.. and the only things that can affect it are passive skills like Physical Training?

    Accuracy on stats is next to useless if not useless, accuracy is a dying/dead stat if you ask me, even the natural accuracy based on level. It's possible to train at mobs 30-40 levels higher than your character and still generate great EXP.
    I dunno why they added +10% accuracy on Adv Final Atk, unless that adds onto your "Natural Accuracy" (level based accuracy) which doesn't really do much at those levels since for the most part you'll be at LHC or even Stronghold by the time you add/max those skills leveling on 12x/17x mobs.

  10. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    With legendary potential and all the % all stat, it doesn't even matter.
    I have like 500 int and str and 700 dex from 4 base.

  11. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Short form, no it isn't, but I don't know what it is based on.

    Long form, I suspect heal's formula is similar to a mage's damage range calculation, but not identical. Sort of like they left a static INT term in the calculation instead of making it *mainstat* so it would vary with however range is calculated. The difference is trivial on a mage, but now that we have a nonmage using heal, the discrepancy is obvious.

  12. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Is heal based on base int or total int?
    Might not be that useless on a phantom after all.
    Although, I guess it can be argued that anyone with the funding to get that much int with 4 base would be avoiding most hits anyways, making healing unnecessary.

  13. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Back when I was young, Chief Bandit's Chakra formula had LUK, DEX & STR in it. Not sure if it's still the same.

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    Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    I love your idea,I made a maple addition thread with the uselessness of stats in mind way back too. But i'd make a modest tweak, 3 of the 4 would actually increase damage, so damage isn't hurt too badly by trying to specialize skills while still allowing the freedom to customize.

    Warriors: STR/DEX/LUK

    Archers: STR/DEX/INT (INT because knowledge of living organisms can help when knowing where to shoot, no?)

    Magician: INT/LUK/DEX (Dex would qualify because you have to be good at handling your staff no?)

    BattleMage: INT/DEX/STR (STR because hello... BATTLEMAGE?)

    I like the idea of certain skills being buffed by certain stats... so i would implement stuff like this for example for a INT Bowmaster

    Phoenix's Spirit Link: Phoenix: HP +1% for every 150 INT, Elemental Resist + 1% for every 300 INT.

    Sharp Eyes: Max Critical Damage +1% for every 150 INT.

    Roasting Shot: DoT +1% for every 75 INT.

    But if you were STR....

    Drain Arrow: Damage + 1% for every 30 STR

    Puppet: HP +3 for every 1 STR

    Defense Ignore: +1% for every 450 STR.

    Lastly is DEX Bowmaster:

    Hurricane: Minimum Crit Damage +1% for every 200 DEX

    Arrow Rain: Stun Chance + 1% for every 300 DEX

    Evasion Boost: Max Critical Damage + 1% for every 150 Dex DURING the 100% Critical chance effect.

    So you end up seeing Bowmasters differently depending on the build: Attacker with good support effects If you go INT. Raw Damage Attacker if you're STR, and Improved Crit and Chance abilities if you go DEX.

  15. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    Ha! That's a STR Bandit!

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    Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    It saddens me to know in this day and age, if I wanted to return to my old shadower, I'd need to full-AP reset her due to how much base STR and DEX she has. >_>

  17. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    this ;-;
    bowmaster/wind archer card bonus is f'ucking ACCURACY % and this is terrible, even more so than defense boosts

  18. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    No. That's a Strength Dagger warrior.

  19. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    It could be like RO's system...

    STR: Increases Physical Melee Damage, inventory/carry capacity
    AGI: Increases Flee/Avoid rate, Attack speed, and decreases skill delay
    DEX: Increases Missle attack damage (bows, guns), Accuracy, and decreases Spell Casting speed.
    VIT: Increases HP, Defense, increases the effects of HP potions, status immunity.
    INT: Increases Magic Damage, SP, Magic Defense, increases the effects of SP potions.
    LUK: Increases Critical Hit rate, Perfect Dodge chance.

    Though this kind of customization exists because there was a lot of strategy involved with PvP, WoE, and bossing.

    In Maple though... the simplest system suits it since... all you really need is damage damage damage.

  20. Default Re: Make other stats useful?

    the character's primary/secondary stat should've been like this
    dark knight/hero/aran: str and dex
    paladin/dawn warrior/mikhail: str and int
    mages: int and luk
    adventure archers/wild hunter: dex and int (i mean u've got to have int to calculate arrow paths with factoring in other things)
    shadower: luk and str (no need to explain here)
    night lord/night walker: luk and dex
    corsair: dex and luk (pirates are sea thieves so they need some luck too!)
    buccaneer/ thunder breaker: str and luk (same reason above)
    evan: int and str ( i mean evan needs to TRAIN the dragon, and the guy needs to have some str to do so)
    mercedes: dex and str (the only use of str that fit for archers is for mercedes, with her multiple melee skills)
    phantom: int and luck (i mean phantom is a mix of a mage and a thief, and the phantom that maplestory based after is extremely smart so int should be his primary stat with some luck and secondary stat)
    battle mage/demon slayer: str and int (even though battle mage is suppose to be a mage, most of its skills use melee hits, so it makes much more sense to have str as its primary stat, and demon slayer is pretty much a battle mage with wings....)
    mechanic: int and dex (seriously the mechanic guy builds a whole awesome machine, and it takes quite some int to do that [i mean look at tony stark] so have int and his main stat is extremely reasonable....then dex or luk or str just for the lolz since i mean a machine is pretty much always accurate on its target)



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