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    I'm sure a bunch of you use this already but for anyone who doesn't know...

    Raptr is a social networking site for gamers. You can input your gamertag for the 360, your PSN ID and you Steam ID and it will count up all of your achievements and trophies. They even have bonus achievements for 360 users which is pretty damn cool. And, to top it off, they now offer prizes for logging those achievements. I just signed up so I'm not entirely sure how the trophy/achievement to point conversion works but that's of little consequence. It's a pretty awesome way to have your hard work actually mean something.

    It's definitely worth checking out if you play a lot of games and want to get free stuff. Also you can use it to connect with other gamers across all platforms so it's a nice secondary chat system to, say, IRC.

    And no, sorry, I will not be providing my name. But you all should share yours and connect if you sign up or are already using it.

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    Huh. Interesting. Signed up and its pretty cool looking at my achievements. Hoping they get a bigger prize selection though.

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    n, Rayquaza2233, and imjon have all already stalked me on there, but here's mine.

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    Id use it, but some people I dislike use it. I would prefer to avoid them if I can.

    Also, I rarely console game anymore..... so Steam is just fine for me!



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