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  1. Basic0 The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    I got to thinking after the Masteria revamp about the questionable choices NEXON made with it. Sure, I don't particularly mind it but there were a few things that just bugged me. This is a rather simple petition I will pass around three forums(here, NEXON, and Basil) just to see if the community feels the same way as I do and will be willing to support this endeavor. NEXON says they want to hear the community, so let's make our voice heard!

    The petition: The petition is simple. Bring back the quests for the exchange quest, and the making of the Crimsonwood Items. As well as, bringing back Typhoons, and the Crimson Trees. I have already made two maps that NEXON COULD use. The maps are simple(since that seems to be the theme now a days) and REALLY easy to input:
    Typhoon Valley

    Valley of the Trees

    If NEXON decides not to make a tree spawning map then please place them back into the Crimson Wood mountain maps.

    I'm asking you as a community to speak up and make our voices heard! If you have any objections to some of the information I presented please write a thoughtful post about why you have an objection. I will try my best to fit this into what would be best for the game. Please sign below with your IGN, and World you play in. Feel free to discuss this and please pass it around!

    current signatures
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    If Nexon wanted to make poor maps with little thought put into it, they would've done it already. Oh wait...


    Petitions hardly do anything anymore unless there's an extreme monetary incentive on Nexon's part for them to actually take the time and effort to implement it.

    The only petition that ever worked iirc was the color blind petition... but I think that was just a PR move by Nexon rather than them actually thinking it would enrich the game or make the majority of us happy.

    Or maybe I'm just pessimistic about all this (but rightfully so).

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    Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    Maps totally look original and totally add a level of complexity to this already simple game

  4. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    Look what they did to good maps already though. I made them simple to catch attention, rather then complicated and say "lol nope"

  5. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)


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    Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    Only petition that worked was BannedStory.
    All the others were accepted but never used, denied, not even mentioned/noticed.

  7. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    You never know what can happen if you grab their attention.

    Got some guild support!

  8. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    Or ask them to just add a portal to lower ascent, since it still exists. No new maps with s'hit design to be made, just one portal.

  9. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    I've already had some ideas of a Crimsonwood revamp :
    Turn it into a theme dungeon, or an area like Ellin Forest. The Twisted Soldiers only spawn inside the keep, and there's a new pirate soldier.
    The mobs would range from 105-120. The quests would be re-added but in a sequence. The jump quest will be added, but you won't be able to access it unless you finish the Mark of Heroism quest. Doing the JQ itself is optional.
    Headless Horseman and Master Guardians would be minibosses of the area. Bigfoot would be the boss of the Phantom Forest. Azure Ocelot and Scarlet Phoenix would be the bosses of the Keep.
    I have many ideas but it's a lot to list.

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    Only signing such to see if it works. probably wont but ill give it a chance. Hell writing this took longer than writing my IGN+world...

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    I like that. Problem is won't happen>.>
    Thank you for your support
    If only..I doub this will work too but no sense in not trying.

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    Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    NatsuEliseo from Galicia supporting this.

    If you want it to work even better, make it known to most people you can.

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    I know, but I can dream, can't I?
    Btw if you care enough I can PM you more of my ideas, or I could post them here.

  14. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    I'm asking my guild mates as they log on xD
    I'll PM you I'm interested. It sounds rather fleshed out sort of like JMS' but better.

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    I agree that changes need to be made. In fact, I am interested in changes far more drastic than you are. However, the way you are going about this is all wrong.

    1. Nexon won't do anything unless it makes them money. You must convince them that your new content will bring in cash.
    2. They need more direction than what you gave. Yeah, the rough sketch is a good start, but I reccomend using BannedStory and MapleMap, or some other map editor, to really bring your ideas to life.
    3. Petitions do not work well. Nexon is notorious for not listening to the community.

    So, you need example content, a way to convince Nexon to implement the content, and a way to get Nexon to listen to you. That is by no means going to be easy, but perhaps it is possible.

    Edit: Of course, you can sign me up for the petition if you'd like.

  16. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    ArantheInca from Mardia supports this.

  17. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    So what do you think of my ideas?

  18. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    ┴dd my name in there too.
    SufiSLayer ~ Windia.

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    Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    Bomber123 - broa.
    But like I told you earlier today..why southperry? Have you noticed how little comments you have gotten since you made the thread? ._.

  20. Default Re: The community speaks: Masteria! (Petition)

    That's actually really creative. You should post it here or in another thread so others can see. It fits the keep much more then what it is currently, because lets face it..level 70 is not very menacing yet the keep itself is portrayed as this very menacing scary keep yet it's not..All you really need is what will draw people in, medal, mmb etc.
    I spread it across three>.>



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