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  1. Default Beats by Dre Bass issue..?

    So my friend gave me a pair of Beats Solo HD's and they sound amazing, WAY better than my turtle beaches, but for some reason when I use them on my computer, the bass doesn't sound as powerful. I turned off Sonic Vocus, the weird audio-bass boost software or w/e my computer comes with. I am watching the same video on YouTube both on the phone and on the computer, and there is a huge difference. Anyone know what I can do?


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    why do you even own turtle beaches

    why skrillex

    is this a troll thread i honestly don't know

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    Because I'm a hipster! Duh! No, I like dubstep. Idk, why don't you like Skrillex?

    As for Turtle Beaches, well I was dropped on my head as a child.

    No this is not a troll thread, I want to know the answer o-o'

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    I find that any of these brands:

    Audio Technica

    Are better than Turtle Beach/Dr. Dre pomegranate

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    If the phone is an iPhone, you do know they have an equalizer built in, right? It could simply be set to boost bass.`
    go to

    to check.

    play this on both devices.

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    If you post what laptop you're using, we might be able to find a control panel for the sound card that it has, then, there might be a way to boost the base. Otherwise...yea, but if you're listening to music (eg. iTunes, you can use the equalizer that way), but you probably can't do much about YouTube.

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    First of all your problem is Beats. They're S'HIT. Secondly, if you don't post your phone or laptop we can't advice you. Why? Because different devices drive the headphones differently.

    For instance, if you had an iPhone or a recent Android device (namely Motorola, Samsung or HTC) probably they come with the audiojack with nice drivers. By drivers I mean the piece of hardware use to amplify the signal to a listen-able level (like this picture. Second part of the top row the piece in the upper rightmost section). With sh'itty drivers you'll get sh'itty signal, that meaning lousy bass, lousy mid-ranges and lousy highs.

    Probably your best bet for your laptop is either a little portable amp, or just buy yourself a nice pair of headphones. For 40 bucks you can get better cans than that s'hit on your ears right now.

    There I said it. I DESPISE the Beats by Dr. Dre.

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    agreeing wholeheartedly.
    I use a five dollar pair of earbuds I got at five below. Excellent sound quality.

    The thing is, people mistakenly think they need to spend a lot of money for good sound quality

    That's a myth.
    The tech has advanced to the point where we have pretty much perfected it. My five dollar headphones would have been 200 dollars eight years ago.

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    Hold on though.

    I hope you don't mean a pair like this


    Because those types are earbuds are just terrible.

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    This has to be a joke thread. You're complaining about Beats headphones and you listen to Skrillex.

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    HELL no. the only reason they sell those things nowadays is because they only cost like a quarter to manufacture.

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    I once read a report on earbuds a few years back. Once a year (twice..three times..i dont remember) chinese earbud manufacturers create new models of earbuds. Major retail companies view these models, and decided on which ones they want to brand and sell. More than one company can select each model produced that year.

    The manufacturer just slaps a different color of paint, maybe a different shell on the earbud, and there ya go! BUY SONY'S NEW 301X EARBUDS! TOTALLY NOT THE SAME AS PANASONIC'S CLASSIC 103Z EARBUDS!

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    Default Re: Beats by Dre Bass issue..?

    And 10 bucks headphones sounding ANYWHERE near good is a myth too. Don't joke yourself. What earphones are you using?

    Whoa whoa, why the hate with Skrillex?

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    pineappleING COBY! KILL IT!

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    somehow, the moment i saw the thread title i knew there was going to be hate. First of all, beats dont sound as bad as you make it to be. They sound amazing enough and MUCH better than those cheap audio-technicas you claim to be so good..... i wont deny that beats can never beat cheaper sennheisers(my dad owns one) but audio-technicas ? seriously ? those bullcrap should never exist. Also, no matter how good those sennheisers are, they look terribad. beats is a fashion statement in itself.

    second, skrillex is awesome, your argument is invalid.

    and finally, back on topic, that problem has been going on for awhile with the beats, its usually just the equaliser on your laptop thats messing up the bass, try adjusting from the driver software or the music player itself.

    EDIT : also, i use nixon earbuds that costs around 70sgd. they sound amazing as well and prefer them over my solos because they are earbuds and easier to bring around.

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    I respect your opinion DeanNim, however I fail to see a flaw in the headset.

    The ATH-M50 model has been around long enough, and is popular enough to be called their "Flagship Model".
    The headset has 45mm cans, which is moderately large.
    The headset itself is made of hard plastic, metal, and p/leather. In other words, it is sturdy.
    The cups are soft, good for extended listening.
    The body collapses for easy use while traveling.
    And when you purchase them, you get a traveling bag.
    Amazon has flawless reviews for them.


    They are ranked #2 on Headfi for over-ear headphones.


    Oh yeah, since you're a fan of Skrillex, I have a present for you.

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    the beats(solo) is pretty comfortable, folds into a compact shape that fits into a provided carry case... it has also been improved to be more flexible in the later revisions. And I by no means, am trying to say the beats is the best, in fact its not... i just dont find it as bad as some haters make it sound like. On the other hand, audio-technicas are pretty inconsistent with their quality... the model(athon3, not the athm50) that went mainstream here was pretty terrible and almost everybody had one, while beats never actually grabbed the mainstream crowd here. And before you say anything, i have not tried on the ath-m50, so im not going to assume things. i still dont like the athon3 and never will. monster on the other hand, have been pretty consistent with that level of quality with their studios and solos.

    Im also aware that skrillex uses ATs... he's not the only artiste that im a fan of that uses ATs. He's also endorsing the Beats line and have been seen with skullcandies.. so i dont really know what you're trying to say.

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    There was a problem with me editing my post further, so I am double posting (sorry mods/eos?)

    As for Beats, I almost purchased them myself. However, that was before I read reviews for them.

    I looked on the beatsbydre website, and when looking for features / specs of their headphones, I got this.

    Nothing here!

    I looked further, to find that headfi has them listed at *drum roll*

    YEEEE 138!

    I eventually did find specs..


    Well..thats great, M50's?


    Oh ok, they can be louder. Thats cool.

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    Biggest problem I have with Beats is that people act like they're a pineappleing fashion statement then claim they're the best headphones available without being able to speak on the subject (I can't either, but I don't claim to be able to). It gets really obnoxious to see people with several sets with different colors for different outfits, people that have them hanging around their neck all day, etc. They're a goddamned fad that are popular because of a successful marketing campaign and a celebrity designer. That's all, and I will never be a part of it. I'll stick to my generic headset.



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