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    So, I've been planning to get this medal for a while now. 100k seems like a crapload though; what're some good areas to hunt in if you're soloing? Thanks!

    Also, the counter for Legendary Hunter resets on the 1st, right? Someone just got that today...isn't that for the first person to get 100k that month or something?

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    The medal resets the first of every month, but if you were already doing Veteran Hunter, it wouldn't reset, since you can start that at any time and you always get 30 days to do it, so if you already have 100k+ monsters on the day it resets you can claim it right then and there.

    As for maps, hmm, I dunno, just somewhere that you can kill easily with high spawn, the Skele minidungeon always had a pretty good spawn, but they're 150 now, so that's probably not the best place for you. Maybe Gigantic Spirit Vikings? They have pretty good spawn, I think, and they're 121.

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    That's where I finished mine off. Mercedes who can 1hko them with stun strikes + amazing mobility i think it was like 4-5k mobs/hour. it was months ago though so i don't really remember how many i was getting.

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    My Paladin has 2 of the medal now. Probably some big bang glitch.

    Anyway, I got about 5k per hour back in the day, 5hkoing Chief Oblivion Guardians. Does it still require you to be attacking monsters higher than your level?

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    Higher than you or 120+ . Not sure if same level counts but 99% of it is 120+ mobs.



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