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  1. Default Do you regret it?

    I seen a post in another thread and it made me think about this question. Maple Story isn't going to last forever obviously, and we all knew that from when we first started. But when we first started, we didn't know how bad of a company Nexon would be/end up being.

    Do you regret spending years of your life on this game? If you spent money on it, do you regret it? If you knew what you know now about how the game is and how Nexon is, and you went back in time to your younger self and had the chance to stop you from downloading MS, would you?

    (If you're wondering why I'm asking this question, it's because I truly think the game's, GMS at least, going to be ending soon.)

  2. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    I regret playing it in 7th/8th grade because it seriously affected my schoolwork, but overall, no.

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    no, this some gooooooood stuff

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?


    It's a video game. Video games are hobbies/past times.
    If I wasn't on maple I'd be playing a different game, probably .hack or something.

    As long as you have self control with the time you use/money you spend, I don't see it as being regretful.

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Not today.

  6. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    I regret quitting and coming back to it. I don't regret initially playing it.

  7. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Like someone said, it's just something to pass time on. If wasn't on Maple I'd be on something else.
    The only people who I think should regret it is either those people who go out of their way to spend money on the game, or if it actually starts affectng their life (school work, work, social life too)

  8. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Spending the money, yes.

    The memories and friendships made? Nope.

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    No I don't regret starting maple I've meet some really cool people.

    Though I do wonder how long I'm going to play.

    EDIT: Oh yea and I don't regret spending money on ms I got enjoyment out of it(almost none of the money I spent on ms was for cubes/gash tics)

  10. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    No game lasts forever. MMOs are no exception. The only question you have to ask is if you enjoyed it, and I think most people would probably say yes. Even though Nexon has ended up a horrible company, the game at it's core is still fun. We wouldn't have played it back then or now if we didn't enjoy it in some way.

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Do I regret spending some money on it for temporay items way back in high school? Sure.
    Do I regret spending so much time on it when I should have been doing more important things? Sometimes.
    Do I regret getting to meet all the amazing friends and having fun times together? Absolutely not

  12. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    I only regret the many hours spent doing absolutely nothing when I could have been doing something productive.
    That doesn't count bossing instead of doing homework.

    All the money? Hm. I spent a sh'itton on this game back in the day. I regret spending so much on cubes when they first came out. All of the impulse gach spending sprees/iTCG? Nope. I have thousands upon thousands of iTCG cards in my drawers lul.

    I am disappointed that Nexon because such a pomegranatety company. I could still be getting enjoyment from my money if I cared about playing the game anymore and dupes never happened..

  13. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Na I dont regret it. It was the first MMO I played and it kinda got me into anime/manga which I don't regret either. I've learned alot from it which is why I can say I don't regret it. However I will say that I should stop looking at the forums and study for my physic exam tomorrow.

  14. Default Re: Do you regret it?

    Nope, I don't.

    I've had some pretty good experiences on this game, and, even though it's definitely gotten MUCH worse in these past years, it still kept me entertained for a very long time. I remember very nice moments experienced during my stay there, and I also got to know some really nice people there.

    MapleStory originally was a great game. It's just been destroyed by the greedy company which manages it.

    Basically, this

  15. Default Re: Do you regret it?

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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    I don't regret my first 2 years. I regret after that, though (except for Southperry!)

  17. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: MrTouchnGo
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    Default Re: Do you regret it?

    I've made excellent friends, I've had a great time, and hopefully, Nexon will step up their crap. I don't regret playing.



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