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  1. Default what to scroll with and which rings to get

    so hi.

    I play KMS as some of you know, and I have an Empress cane that I want to scroll.
    but I am in a dilemma.

    I have a friend who is willing to sell me 8th anniversary scrolls that give 7~8 attack, but the problem is... the success rate drops with each passed scroll(like, 4th passed scroll gives the next scroll like 7.4% chance of passing, LimGoon did the math)
    but with those scrolls, my cane could reach 250 attack with 11 enhancements, though it will probably cost me several 100k of nx, which I don't have, and won't have for a while, as mesos are hard to get.

    the other option is justice/9th anniversary scrolls, the ones that give 3 allstat and 5 attack.
    that would make my cane 225 attack at 11 enhancements.
    these scrolls can be used without any use of nx, as they don't break, and there are clean slate 20's in the market as they have returned with 9th anniversary.

    is the 25atk worth it? because I'm thinking it isn't, I don't feel like using ~7k nx each slot with that success rate. and the extra allstat from the scrolls will grant me a bit of range too, as I plan on having a high luk%.

    my next dilemma/problem something

    I don't know what rings to get.
    currently, I have DABR(keeper), 7/5/7/6 5atk platinum cross ring(keeper) and then a crappy event 1all 1atk ring.
    I am looking for a new ring and a replacement for the crappy one.
    which ones do you recommend?

    thanks in advance, hope this wasn't too much of a read.


  2. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    When it comes to the scrolling problem, 3 all stat can easily match 1 attack with some funding, so what you have is basically 6 attack versus 7~8. Personaly, the extra 10-20 attack is not all that fancy if it means spending huge amount of real money to get it.
    As for the rings, get Arkarium's P Att set of two rings pre-cubed or cube them yourself.

  3. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    thank you for the quick response.

    about the scrolling - I was thinking the same thing. my cane will have about 69 luk when scrolled, before enhancements - if I use the anniversary/justice scrolls.

    the Berserker ring set isn't available to my "kind" of people - ...yet. I plan on making a "lot" of money when I can solo guardians v2.
    I have only seen 3 people with the rings.
    do you recommend any rings up until when I can afford them?
    I'm thinking about getting a legend ring(4all 3atk) and change my 1all 1atk with a rising sun ring.

  4. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    Definitely go with the 5 ATT 3 stat scrolls, the difference in attack isn't worth the extra cost given that the other scrolls don't add stats too. For the rings I'd say a Rising Sun for sure, what about the empress ring? Is that obtainable at all? If not then a Legend ring wouldn't be too bad.

  5. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    Do you mean the Cygnus Kohinoor Ring?
    And thanks for the advice.

  6. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    Yeah, forgot what it was called, that's the one. If they're available in KMS that might be a good alternative, the stats are pretty good as I recall.

    Edit: Damn, never mind, just checked the recipe and it needs 200 Dream Fragments?! Maybe not such a good idea.

  7. Default Re: what to scroll with and which rings to get

    The Kohinoor ring is incredibly rare and is barely worth the trouble, or so I've heard.
    I will probably aim towards rising sun ring and legend ring.
    As for scrolling, I will go with justice/anniversary.

    If anybody has some bbeneficial input, that would be great.
    Once I am strong and connected enough, I will start on berserker rings an dominator pendant.



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